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Village in Pisac, Peru Dogs and Tuk Tuks in Pisac, Peru

Pisac is a colorful mountain city located beside the Urubamba River which carves through the center of the Sacred Valley, the gateway to Machu Picchu.  Pisac’s extensive daily craft market and well preserved ruins are an attractive stop for visitors.  Pisac 2,972 m (9,751 ft) is much lower in elevation than Cusco 3,399 m (11,152 ft) and is a good locale to get used to the elevation.  Pisac is centered around a square which holds the craft market and is a small village.  You can walk from one side of the village to the other in about 10 minutes.

Clothing for sale in the market in Pisac, Peru

ATMs – Can sometimes be empty on market day

Blue Llama Cafe – Main Square – BCP ATM inside withdraw up to 700 soles per transaction 

Cajero Caja Peru – Main Road – withdraw up to 400 soles per transaction

Taxi: not needed in town (7 soles)
Tuk Tuk:  1 to 2 soles anywhere in town

How much is a taxi to Pisac?

  • To Calca:  Collectivo: 2.50 soles and up
    Taxi:  40 – 50 soles (30 minutes)
  • To Urubamba:  Collectivo: 5 soles and up
    Taxi:  50 – 70 soles (45 – 55 minutes)
  • To Cusco:  Collectivo: 5 soles and up
    Taxi: 70 soles and up (45 min – 60 min)


The local “Mercado” not only sells an amazing array of groceries but you can also come for a fresh mixed juice for 6soles.  At lunchtime you can simply order an “almuerzo” which includes soup, entree and sweet juice for 5 soles.

Restaurants – Where to eat in Pisac?

Pitusiray family restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Pisac, Peru Pitisuray Restaurante 

A small family owned restaurant with the best authentic Peruvian.  At lunch an “almuerzo” with fried salmon trout is about 5 soles. For dinner they have incredible not-to-be missed soups  (10 soles big portion) and the best fried trout (15 soles)

Hatuchay Cafe

Great vegetarian and non-vegetarian selection with big portions.  Nice for breakfast or lunch.



  • Ayahuasca Cafe

Dieta friendly lunch special dishes are 15 soles.  Sweet couple that owns the restaurant and friendly atmosphere.

  • Urikles Cafe 

There’s a good reason Urikes cafe has been here so long.  Their is a great atmosphere and rooftop terrace, black-bean veggie burger, cheap soup, great specials, oven fired pizza three days a week, home-made bagels, home-made sweets (lots of gluten free options) and close to the main square and market. 


  • Hatuchay Hostel

40 soles/night for a matrimonial shared bathroom, save some money, clean rooms, nice rooftop terrace.

  • Kinsa Cocha

70 soles/night matrimonial private bathroom, courtyard and in house cafe.  They have a beautiful old Wachuma cactus in the courtyard. 

  • Inti Hospedaje

$20 USD/Night for matrimonial and private bath.  Close to the entrance to Pisaq ruins.  Sunny courtyard, simple but clean rooms.  Hot Water.

  • Paz Y Luz 

190 soles/night for matrimonial includes breakfast.  Fancier digs a 10 – 15 minute walk (2 sole tuk-tuk) from Pisaq central with communal fire places inside, Chakana Cafe onsite.

Entrance to Pisac Ruins (Huaca) in Pisac, Peru

Pisac Ruins (Huaca)

70 soles entrance fee.  You can walk from the main square and market up to the entrance or take a tuk tuk up from the main road.  Bring at least 1.5 L of  water per person and a hat.  Expect a 4 – 6 hour trip with some fairly steep stairs.  


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