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Shamanism & Yoga

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Shamanism, a word borrowed from Siberia, is a general term used to describe healers and healing practices found around the world. In this workshop, we will explore yoga as the shamanic healing practice of the Rishis and Vedic healers. We will explore the terminology of shamanism, medicine, transformation and the Medicine Wheel. We will have an opportunity to learn about different shamanic practices from around the world and discuss the similar conclusions and practices discovered by those tuning in to nature (Prakriti) and the Self (Brahma). Discover the amazing similarities of Yoga, Ayurveda, Qigong, Native American Shamanism, the wisdom of the Q’eros and the wisdom of the Seneca Wolf Tribe. Throughout the workshop, we will continue to introduce Yogic philosophy and terminology to find synchronicity between shamanism and yoga.

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9.30 am

  • Shamanic Yoga Ceremony
  • Invocation, smudging w/ Palo Santo or White Sage and calling in the 4 Directions of the Medicine Wheel
  • Meditation
  • Elemental Asana Flow (working with the Earth Elements and associated archetypes)
  • Accompanied by Live Music (Mantra and Medicine Songs), Medicine Wheel Philosophy and Yogic Philosophy

12 pm

  • Sharing Circle
  • Lecture on Shamanism & Medicine

2 pm to 5 pm

  • Lectures

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • Intro to Shamanism
  • What is Medicine? What is a Medicine Wheel?
  • Transformational Process of the Medicine Wheel
  • Elements and Archetypes
  • 5 Qeros Ways
  • Power of Ceremony
  • Yoga as Ceremony
  • 3 Gunas – 3 Levels
  • Elemental Flow Yoga Asana
  • Primordial Qigong

Who is this for?

This workshop is curated specifically for yoga teachers who are interested in incorporating ancient wisdom and shamanic philosophy into their offerings or for students of yoga and of life who are interested in learning more about these complementary philosophies. We will explore the connection between ancient yogic practices and shamanism and how they can be applied to yoga asana, meditation and philosophy, as well as how to incorporate more ritual and intention into all aspects of life.


Lacey and Darin Lehman are the co-founders of Sacred Paths Yoga School and carry a wealth of knowledge on the various facets of the yoga practice including philosophy, ayurveda and vedic fire ceremony. They continue to work closely with the indigineous healers in the highlands of Guatemala, the Andes and Amazon regions of Peru and the North American region. Their comprehensive classes draw in and intertwine many beautiful teachings to encourage the connection with Nature and Spirit. They teach 200 and 300hr yoga teacher training immersion programs as well as lead transformational Yoga Retreats, Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Healings around the world.


You will receive a Sacred Paths Yoga & Yogacampus certificate of completion.


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  • "Our days started early with meditation in the open-air shala, with the sun rising over the lake and the volcanoes, followed by body-warming yoga. The yoga we would practice in the mornings was the yoga sequence that we would break down pose by pose later in the day, as we would prepare ourselves to teach the sequence and the poses. Following my experience, I feel prepared to confidently teach a class.”

    Mindy Grantham
    Mindy Grantham Marketing Director
  • This training was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I have ever had. Although it was mentally and physically challenging at times, I learned and grew so much from it. Darin and Lacey are incredible instructors and mentors and I would highly highly recommend Sacred Paths Yoga to anybody looking to further their practice.

    Sharon Li
    Sharon Li Student | Yale University
  • This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. For once, I am almost at loss for words! The dedication to the teachings, both detailed and thorough, is something I resonated with and admired throughout the 21 days of the program. It was intensive, yet not overwhelming--the perfect balance when approaching the mass amount of information one does receive in the 200 YTT program in general. I also felt not only I received an educational background in yoga, sequences, practice, philosophy, Ayurveda, anatomy, and more, I also was encouraged to apply the educational factors in a mix with my own personality, therefore incorporating a truly unique practice that I could call my own. That was how I felt by the end of this transformational time in my life, especially while I held my graduation certificate in my hand. Sacred Paths Yoga allowed me to be confident in my ability to teach and share the knowledge I had learned with my home and potentially the rest of the world, while still maintaining my own uniqueness to the life-changing practice that is yoga. Gracias. Gracias por todo! 

    An intensive, yet proper curriculum that I felt was extremely detailed and beneficial to my studying as a yoga teacher-to-be. I feel very confident holding my graduation certificate knowing I received the most amount of knowledge and practice I could to bring my own flair of teaching to the rest of the world.
    Rachel Johannes
    Rachel Johannes Writer | Novelist
  • Sacred Paths Yoga YTT was everything i had hoped for and more - the whole course was so well thought out and orchestrated.  My Sacred Paths teacher-training was more than I ever expected - this experience has opened me up to so many different opportunities, like-minded people and mindset-shifts/transformations that I couldn't have dreamed of before beginning. The training has taught me to greet life with more curiosity, compassion, and optimism. Both Darin and Lacey were outstanding teachers and I can’t wait to do another one with them in the future and would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!

    Charlotte Flavahan
    Charlotte Flavahan Event Production
  • I am beyond grateful of being certified by Sacred Paths. The content of knowledge that we learned and the support that we have from the team was really great so I just want to say a big thank you !

    Bénédicte Grimm | Miami
    Bénédicte Grimm | Miami
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