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Sam Bianchini, E-500hr

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Sam Bianchini 500hr RYT and shamanic healer has studied for nearly a decade with yogis, healers, and medicine carriers from traditions all over the world.

From a young age, Sam harnessed a passionate creativity and sought a deeper connection to the Divine Love.  She was introduced to yoga in 2005, and knew immediately this practice was what she had been searching for.

Sam is also a shamanic healer. She has had the honor to study with deeply respected medicine men and women from many lineages, and combines her own native practices with a strong, ancient lineage of healing techniques. She is also a songstress, healing with icaros and sound.

Sam also holds Cacao Ceremonies around the country.

Outside of the studio, Sam is an actress, writer, world traveler, and spiritual seeker. She travels all around the world, gaining insight from meditation retreats in the jungles of Colombia, to healers in Indonesia, and even to a transcendental macaroon on the streets of Paris. She is an avid student of indigenous cultures, and a humble devotee of ceremonial practices.

Drawing inspiration from Ancient texts to native traditions to modern literature, Sam’s yoga classes are warm, inspiring, poetic and soulful.  She is known best for her communal classes that are held in the style of a deeply spiritual ceremony. She draws extensively from the teachings of Tantra, and encourages an equal and harmonious balance of spiritual fulfillment and worldly fulfillment. She absolutely loves sharing yoga and the secrets of unlocking the body as a pathway to the soul, and looks forward to sharing with you.

Sam Bianchini, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Sam Bianchini, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Sam Bianchini, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator doing backbend
Sam Bianchini, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
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