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Costa Rica

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 30th – Dec 20th, 2019

“The natural state of one’s being is a state of Bliss. We need only to pause in stillness to feel this ultimate truth and connect to our Universal Oneness. In order to live in this state we must take inventory of and dig through the layers of our life. This difficult work of examining our emotions and patterns is inherently not easy but worth the effort.”  –  Sacred Paths Yoga

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Featured Retreat

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Sacred Valley, Peru

Yoga & Plant Ceremony Retreat

Nov 24 – 30, 2019  &  Dec 2 – 8, 2019


  • "During my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Peru I had the privilege of being Lacey & Darin's student. Lacey lead the yoga teacher training & Darin taught Anatomy, Qi Gong and shared his musical gifts during group circles. While these were enriching experiences,  the most profound lessons I learned from Lacey & Darin were those taught off the mat. Lacey & Darin are testaments to the the positive effects that yoga can have on one's life. This was revealed to me in our interactions during the training, and by observing how they interact with their environment. I wholeheartedly recommend someone looking to enrich their yogi skills to participate in a retreat and/or teacher training with this dream team".

    Leah Gooch
    Leah Gooch Yogini
  • "I can't say enough about my YTT, I know that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I expected to learn about and how to teach yoga. I did not expect the self awakening and healing or the intimate bond formed between the group and nature. I found a true sense of love within myself and in the world. My three weeks of YTT were exceptional and profound."

    Laura Bepko
    Laura Bepko Adventure Enthusiast
  • "My YTT was everything I could have dreamed of and so much more... It has transformed not only my life, but the way I view myself and all of creation.  Through this journey I have tapped into who I truly am, and always was- It has enabled me to heal, walk through fear and trust that there are much larger forces at play here- guiding me on my path, showing me my purpose in this life.  It is now my mission to help guide others on their path of self-realizations and healing... I cannot say enough about this experience except- buckle up!  You are in for the ride of your life ;)"

    Holly Cyganeiwicz
    Holly Cyganeiwicz Farmer, Yogini
  • "My yoga retreat to Peru was amazing, life changing & one to certainly remember. I am so thankful that I had Darin and Lacey as my guides as I discovered: shamanic healing traditions & ceremonies, practiced yoga, meditation & immersed myself in Peruvian culture. The retreat center felt like our little haven. It was clean, welcoming & provided the perfect home base during the retreat. The retreat had a beautiful balance of personal time and group time, time in nature & time in town. I highly recommend Darin & Lacey's shamanic yoga retreat to anyone interested in learning more about yoga, cultivating their own inner light, discovering medicinal plant ceremonies in Peru or just in general, want an authentic immersion into the country and its traditions. Thank you, Darin & Lacey for being simply wonderful guides along the journey!"

    Trudy Collings
    Trudy Collings Ayurvedic Practitioner, Founder Paavani
  • "Our days started early with meditation in the open-air shala, with the sun rising over the lake and the volcanoes, followed by body-warming yoga. The yoga we would practice in the mornings was the yoga sequence that we would break down pose by pose later in the day, as we would prepare ourselves to teach the sequence and the poses. Following my experience, I feel prepared to confidently teach a class.”

    Mindy Grantham
    Mindy Grantham Marketing Director
  • “The fire circles at the start of our training immediately showed me that this school stood for more than just becoming a yoga teacher. I could feel the sacredness of this school and land when we started by creating a Talisman to burn, shedding our unwanted layers. We called to the winds of the North, South, East, West, Father Sky & Mother Earth to hear. The compassion and comfort of our teachers allowed us to all evolve in the ways that we naturally desired. I am so grateful to have met such inspiring friends and healers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....Jai!”

    Jessica Corallo
    Jessica Corallo
  • "My 200hr Yoga TTC was a truly transformative experience for me. Never before have I had a structured chance to dive so deeply into self-reflection and spiritual lessons. I loved how the course was designed to accommodate various skill levels, practitioners, and paths."

    Jon Lubeck
    Jon Lubeck
  • "Lacey is an amazing guide, i completed my 200hr YTT with her in Peru and her knowledge and passion for yoga inspired me. She is very grounded, peaceful and connected to Mother Earth and my experience was truly unforgettable."

    Emma Hawes
    Emma Hawes Yoga Teacher
  • " I was on a path of self growth and acceptance and the YTT I did helped a lot in that journey. Part of the reason I went was also to establish a habit of Yoga training. All my expectations were met, I mean 'expectations' of which I have less and less of these days, but certainly I grew and did that in a loving environment. I made many friends and experienced Ayahuasca and Wachuma which was very enlightening and adventurous. Darin is a cool guy and Megan was exceptionally dedicated and knowledgeable. I end up teaching a little in a hostel at Huanchaco beach and that actually earned me enough money to pay for my stay. What I wanted to achieve is more confidence and dedication in my own Yoga a deepening of my own practice and that happened. A teacher where I am now wants me to work with her and teach more Yoga. I love talking about Yoga, meditation and connection with Self. This was a very valuable experience that goes beyond monetary value, so in that it's totally worth it, cash wise. Much love to one and all."

    Jeffery Carig
    Jeffery Carig Total Dude
  • "Working with Darin and Lacey is a special treat! They employed me at their healing dome at Wanderlust Tahoe in 2014, and from day one I felt held and thoroughly guided through my experience. Taking their yoga class is equally enjoyable. Their warm hearts, sparkling souls and contagious smiles create a beautiful and sacred healing space in which to surrender to my Self. I highly recommend any time that you can spend with these two. It will nourish your soul deeply."

    Andrea Gibson
    Andrea Gibson Dance. Yoga. Inspirer. at The Dance Spot
  • "Lacey is a compassionate soul that exudes love and kindness. I did my 200-hour teacher training with her in Peru and I left feeling inspired to role model Lacey and how she conducts herself in the world. I feel grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. She teaches the essence of yoga and practices the philosophy of yoga daily. Anybody is in extremely caring hands when training with Lacey and I am so proud of her for creating her own program with her partner and collaborator, Darin."

    Chelsea Kyle
    Chelsea Kyle
  • I was called to Costa Rica to couple my advancement with a deep spiritual cleanse and ran with it, only to find one of the best experiences I could have imagined -- far exceeding any expectation I set and more deeply purifying than I initially recognized I needed.”

    Ramona Leigh
    Ramona Leigh Yoga Teacher
  • “Transformative, ceremonial, empowering, playful, genuine heart connection. Felt so vital, strong, wise and IN THE BHAV after my training!”

    Amber Tang
    Amber Tang Performer
  • "I could have not asked for better to start this journey. Darin and Lacey are the kindest most patient and loving teachers I have met. They chose a very beautiful and mystical location for the training which makes it all the more special. I personally wasn't doing this course with the intention to teach straight away but more so to deepen my spiritual practices, feel more comfortable with creating my own ceremonies, to make yoga a lifestyle and stay on this path with devotion and conviction. I feel I received and learned exactly what I went looking for, plus I feel like I could happily teach a class now which is not something I ever felt comfortable with. I loved every minute of this experience, even the ones that were emotionally challenging. I would highly recommend it. I intend to keep taking courses and furthering my knowledge with Scared Paths no doubt. ~ Ahó"

    Ayelen Lanusse
    Ayelen Lanusse Yachty
  • I have so much gratitude for having found sacred paths and the experience that was offered. As I reflect on the journey I am especially grateful for the variety of approaches and content that we learned. Connecting to the elements and the natural world around was healing and enlightening. It was obviously very intentionally planned out. The instruction was very high quality. It was truly a life changing experience.

    Emily Roskey
    Emily Roskey Peru YTT Alumni
  • "The 200hr training was a step towards my health and I can feel new pathways opening up in my system. There is space and expansion in places that I havn't felt for a while and this is just one of the gifts that I have received. It was a journey of movement, laughter and ritual and the beauty of it was the on-going knowlege that rained on us - colourful, rich and full of Life. That's Sacred Paths Yoga."

    Kerstin Voelck
    Kerstin Voelck
  • My Sacred Paths Yoga experience was amazing! Darin a Lacey are both very present in their bodies and helped me get deeper within my own body and find more presence. They hold great space for healing and they were always available for questions or concerns. I give my highest recommendations to these beautiful souls and I am grateful to have shared and learned from them in the beautiful country of Guatemala.
    Lorena Montes | Mexico
    Lorena Montes | Mexico Physician Assistant, Medium, Healer
  • “I did A LOT of research before I chose my teacher training, so believe me you’re doing right taking a look at Sacred Paths Yoga. I wanted to deepen my yoga practice & my own spiritual journey, so I liked how the program blended traditional ashtanga yoga, hatha, anatomy & classes about both Ayurveda & shamanism. I also got a good vibe from the teachers & the Bali spirit. Honestly I had high hopes on my the teacher training in Bali, but I didn’t got disappointed. SPY gave more than I expected, a lot of sutra lessons, satsangs, ecstatic dance and the asana alignment will forever improve my yoga. The teaching was one good thing, but equally contributing to my great 21 days was the wonderful place Dragonfly Village with its delicious sattvic food and all the beautiful and brave yoginis I had beside me. I have recommended SPY to all I talked to. Wherever you will go I’m sure you gonna have a fun, heartwarming, challenging & life changing journey. Feel both nervous & proud, vulnerable & strong. I wish you a blissful start on your embarking yoga journey! Aho!”
    Lisa Selin | Sweden
    Lisa Selin | Sweden Traveler | Gap Year Student
  • Sacred Paths is an incredible institution! Their 200-RYT was transformation, well-structured, and inclusive. I felt like I learned more from Darin and Lacey in 3 weeks than I had in all of the previous years of personal practice and attending classes. They have artfully drawn from a variety of cultures and disciplines in a way that allows students to take what serves them and begin to formulate their own model of what it means to live a yogic life. Beyond learning, this was a well-facilitated opportunity to unplug in a beautiful place and reconnect with yourself and those around you. Kudos to this team!

    Sayre White | Tahoe, USA
    Sayre White | Tahoe, USA Doula
  • I have heard it said before: Yoga Teacher Training Changes your life. But how can 21 days change your whole outlook I asked? After my 200 hours YTT this is my answer: The SPY facilitators created a sacred and safe environment for us to learn and grow from curious students into confident, radiating teachers. They held a space where we could realize, face and release our fears and self made problems. We were guided towards identifying with our passion and manifesting it. I am so grateful that I decided to sign up with Sacred Path Yoga. Not only did I become a yoga teacher, I also found a spiritual family and found my passion and the strength to follow my path.

    Julie Moltke-Huitfeldt | Sweden
    Julie Moltke-Huitfeldt | Sweden Doctor
  • Wow! What a journey, and memorable experience, I had at the Sacred Paths yoga and plant ceremony retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru.Peru is a magical place, and this retreat provided a nurturing space which supported my own magical personal transformation.My connection with our Mother Earth has grown deeper since the profound plant ceremonies, which  occurred amongst the most awe-inspiring mountains.I really enjoyed all of my fellow participants, the facilitators (Lacey & Darin), and of course, the very special local shamanic guides. I feel renewed by a sense of love and overwhelming gratitude.

    Alecia Weisman
    Alecia Weisman Small Business Owner
  • I met Darin and Lacey through my 200 YTT in Bali, the place where it all began. I learned of the yearly retreats they held in Peru and made the best decision of my life and took the leap to go to this beautiful sacred place called Sacred Valley.Words cannot even explain how magical the week was, it was such a beautiful space for people to come together, met some amazing beautiful kind souls, we shared so may lovely memories, we also had perfect time to self- reflect, every second was just so special, even the food was amazing!!!We had the option to work with the plants, and wow what a transformational journey that was! The plant ceremonies were held with so much care and attention which makes such a huge difference on the experience. Through this I was able to find and love who I truly am, leaving behind any fears filling me with light, love and compassion. So much healing and realizations are made in this special time that I am so grateful for.If you are reading this it is for a reason, trust the process of life and take the leap, only good things will come….Darin and Lacey I have so much  gratitude in my heart for you, if it wasn’t for your passion, help, love, nourishment and holding space for others I would never have experienced this beautiful transformation. Thank You!!

    Natalie Barbosa
    Natalie Barbosa Dancer
  • My name is Sian, I studied with Lacy and Darin / Sacred Paths Yoga at the start of 2018. I can honestly say it was the most incredible, transformational experience of my life. Darin and Lacey are beautiful guides, I feel I’ve made life long friends in themselves and my class peers. Since coming home I feel like a renewed, better version of my old self. We learnt so much on so many different levels during the course. I cannot recommend these beautiful souls enough and words don’t express how amazing the experience was. I look forward to studying my 300hrs with Darin and Lacey.Love and light, always, Sian x

    Sian Bartlett
    Sian Bartlett Founder @ Yoga & Brunch
  • I was guided through my 200hr YTT by two inspirational women, Lacey and Sri. They brought a wealth of knowledge and experience of yoga, as well as shamanic practices, and worked in perfect harmony together. Their transformational teaching and leadership style allowed me to learn from my experiences and grow through what I go through. I met a tribe of kindred spirits from all walks of life and connected more deeply with my true self. Lacey and Sri were genuinely interested in each individual and nurtured self-love and compassion within every student which will have a ripple effect on our communities and beyond!

    Alice Masheter
  • This has been a life changing, life giving, heart opening yoga journey experience. Lacey and Sri are both so inspiring and have put their resources, heart and soul into us and I am forever grateful for this experience. I am officially a yoga teacher but I have also learned so much more!

    Melanie Santa Maria
  • How difficult it is to find words to describe my experience with Sacred Paths Yoga. I was fortunate to attend the 200 hour teacher training in Bali with Lacey, Srimati and Darin. As a lover of yoga and Nurse Practitioner, I felt that there was "more" out there other than going to yoga before or after work, working with sick people all day and repeating over and over and over again. Beyond exhausting, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The balance just wasn't there and my life was not sustainable. Change was necessary before complete burnout set in. I decided to leave my high paying, 60 hour a week job, kiss my husband and 2 year old goodbye for 4 weeks and set out on an experience of a lifetime. Life changing. While at training, I was able to gain the tools, emotionally and spiritually, to move on to the next step in my life, opening a yoga studio, bringing yoga to more people, allowing people a space of love and light and help them balance the stresses we battle every single day. I had such a wonderful experience, I am sending the manager of my soon to open studio, CaliFlo Yoga Collective, to teacher training in Bali and our lovable assistant and soon to be yoga instructor to Guatemala though Sacred Paths Yoga so we can be aligned in practice and our understanding of yoga, while running a business together. Lacey and Darin have created a truly unique experience in the most beautiful places on our Earth. Anyone who is able to attend a Sacred Paths course shouldn't second guess, DO IT, you will not regret your decision.

    Taylor Ann Johnson,
    Taylor Ann Johnson, APRN, Founder CaliFlow Yoga Studio, RYT200,
  • I am still finding it hard to find the right words to describe the experiences Sacred Paths Yoga gave us all in the Intensive Immersive Training. We covered everything from the basics of becoming a yoga practitioner to establishing a presence as an awakened yogi/yogini, holding space as the leader, philosophy, and history of yoga, with some special guests that covered a lot of the depth the masculine energy needed to give to the curriculum. The asana practice and classes were very well choreographed, designed for all levels of practice and teachings. Sacred Paths held extra activities that I was hoping for but never dreamed I would be apart of. With constant ceremonies, rituals and earth elements were weaved into our daily schedule. A lot shifted for me personally, and I cannot thank these two fearless leaders enough for holding this sacred space for us all the grow and expand our wings to fly. Our group was the most perfect potion for each and every one of us.

    Gemma Reynolds
    Gemma Reynolds Hair & Makeup Artist
  • I cannot recommend Sacred Paths enough. The program and the way in which it was facilitated was so perfect. Lacey and Sri are so knowledgeable and truly embody the syllabus. I felt nurtured and cared for, while at the same time having enough freedom to find my own feet during the training.

    Rhiannon Jones
  • During this 200 RYS I found myself in so many different parts and levels in life. It was not only studing of yoga in his holistic way, I also got in touch with a deeper version of myself. This three weeks were definitely intense, but I don´t want to miss a thing and Sri really looked for our needs and I could see the love and the passion how everything was created, organised and teached. And also the surrounding, the food, the accomodation gave me more than I expected to let me fall in this life changing flow. I really enjoyed it and would definitley do it again.

    Theresia Gabriel
    Theresia Gabriel
  • Traveling to a new country to immerse yourself in yoga in addition to another culture is not for everyone. However, if you're willing to take a leap of faith and get completely out of your comfort zone Sacred Path Yoga offers a gentle landing spot. My time with SPY can only be summed up as life changing and magical. The instructors offer professional and personal guidance for their students and help build confidence in their practice. I am eternally grateful having crossed paths with not only this school but my fellow classmates. We all shared a lifelong bond and I am blessed to have learned the fundamentals of yoga through the guidance of Sacred Path Yoga. Namaste 🙂

    Stephanie Wilson
    Stephanie Wilson
  • Being my first Yoga Teacher Training, I couldn't have asked for a better experience at this point in my life. It has been everything I've asked for over the years and so much more than what I've asked for or thought I needed. There were so many amazing moments, so much love, growth and surprises that I feel so blessed to have received. It was the perfect balance of traditional yogic philosophy and asana practice, practical application, spirituality, atmosphere, healthful awareness, magic and personal discovery that lead to advancements in my own practice along with other areas of my life. Through this training I found the confidence to let my truth shine through my teachings as I lead one-on-one flows and meditations. I felt so blessed to be right where I was supposed to be, surrounded by a family who accepted and honored the truth of who I am, along with the teachings that hit so close to home reminding me of who I am and the mission of helping the collective grow through love, yoga and authentic connection to self and spirit that I came here to do. I took home with me clearer direction, a sense of honor and a new depth of practice that is truly priceless plus all the love, knowledge and encouragement of the whole group I learned with at that time. Again, couldn't have asked for anything better and I feel truly blessed and very honored to bring the knowledge, awareness and connection of traditional yogic practices to everyone I work with now.

    Adam Corrado
    Adam Corrado
  • Having been granted an opportunity of a life time by Sacred Paths was incredible and I am forever grateful. Walking away from my 200HR YTT experience in Bali was the ultimate bucket list cross off. I highly recommend Sacred Paths to anyone looking to enhance or even begin their yoga journey

    Kelsey Wood
  • The Sacred Paths Yoga 200hr YTT is well structured to provide a basic understanding of a wide scope of yoga and meditation with a unique emphasis on self discovery and application. The Sacred Paths Yoga 200hr YTT training in 21 days is a rigorous program, with a structure that can prepare students to be able to teach and/or deepen their practice immediately after completing the program. Some of the best parts of my training were instructors Hana Pepin and Adrianna Peters, and the beautiful setting of Costa Rica.

    Jennifer Tyler
    Jennifer Tyler Chef Jenny
  • This training was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I have ever had. Although it was mentally and physically challenging at times, I learned and grew so much from it. Darin and Lacey are incredible instructors and mentors and I would highly highly recommend Sacred Paths Yoga to anybody looking to further their practice.

    Sharon Li
    Sharon Li Student | Yale University
  • This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. For once, I am almost at loss for words! The dedication to the teachings, both detailed and thorough, is something I resonated with and admired throughout the 21 days of the program. It was intensive, yet not overwhelming--the perfect balance when approaching the mass amount of information one does receive in the 200 YTT program in general. I also felt not only I received an educational background in yoga, sequences, practice, philosophy, Ayurveda, anatomy, and more, I also was encouraged to apply the educational factors in a mix with my own personality, therefore incorporating a truly unique practice that I could call my own. That was how I felt by the end of this transformational time in my life, especially while I held my graduation certificate in my hand. Sacred Paths Yoga allowed me to be confident in my ability to teach and share the knowledge I had learned with my home and potentially the rest of the world, while still maintaining my own uniqueness to the life-changing practice that is yoga. Gracias. Gracias por todo! 

    An intensive, yet proper curriculum that I felt was extremely detailed and beneficial to my studying as a yoga teacher-to-be. I feel very confident holding my graduation certificate knowing I received the most amount of knowledge and practice I could to bring my own flair of teaching to the rest of the world.
    Rachel Johannes
    Rachel Johannes Writer | Novelist
  • Sacred Paths Yoga YTT was everything i had hoped for and more - the whole course was so well thought out and orchestrated.  My Sacred Paths teacher-training was more than I ever expected - this experience has opened me up to so many different opportunities, like-minded people and mindset-shifts/transformations that I couldn't have dreamed of before beginning. The training has taught me to greet life with more curiosity, compassion, and optimism. Both Darin and Lacey were outstanding teachers and I can’t wait to do another one with them in the future and would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!

    Charlotte Flavahan
    Charlotte Flavahan Event Production
  • I came to learn more about yoga. Through this training we were introduced to so many aspects, thoughts and ideas within yoga. We grew, experienced and opened ourselves up through this journey. I never dreamed so much was possible in just a few short weeks. It is an intense course, long days, but a beautiful journey and experience.

    Vibeke Jørgensen
    Vibeke Jørgensen Registered Nurse
  • Best experience ever. Not only did I learn how to be a yoga teacher but also how to be myself. Well balanced training with spiritual moments and elements related « events » such as fire or water blessing. Srimati and Sam are very kind, wise and loving teachers. I could not think of a better YTT.

    Alexandrine Gendrau
    Alexandrine Gendrau Toulouse Business School
  • Lacey and Darin cultivate an inspiring, safe space for deep personal exploration and transformation to occur. Their welcoming, friendly, compassionate approach and true embodiment of the yogic lifestyle is inspiring, uplifting, educational, and comes through in every thing they do. The Sacred Paths 200 hour yoga teacher training is challenging and also rewarding beyond measure. For anyone looking to deepen their own yoga practice, develop the skills, experience, and knowledge to share their yoga love through teaching I would highly recommend Sacred Paths.

    Becky Beach
    Becky Beach Primary School Teacher
  • I am so grateful I choose Sacred Paths Yoga for my Teacher Training. Darin and Lacey are amazing Teachers and the materials they provided were thorough and easy to follow. I learned so much more than the physical asanas of yoga. I am forever changed after this training and excited to lead a yogic lifestyle and to share what I’ve learned. It’s amazing to know that, one by one, we can make the world a better place.

    Annette Fletcher
    Annette Fletcher Vegan Chef
  • Sacred Paths Yoga School really exceeded my expectations and left with me so much more than I ever expected! Not only did I gain a better understanding of yoga and its philosophies, but I also expanded a part of my spirituality and mind I didn't even know I needed to or could. Sacred Paths is an all encompassing school when it comes to yoga teacher trainings. The cacao, sacred dance and manifestation ceremonies, followed by chants, sharing circles and other activities, really allowed us to become closer as a group of students and teachers, and for me personally opened up an entire different realm of possibilities. I now not only desire to be the best yoga teacher I can possibly be, but I also want to one day lead these types of ceremonies myself. And this is something that wasn't even on my radar before this training! A few weeks after my training ended I was already leading classes at a studio in my hometown, and feeling more than confident and ready to do so. I would recommend this training to anyone searching for yoga and spiritual knowledge! Lacey and Darin, thank you so much for the most life changing experience I have ever had. You are sharing such a beautiful gift with the world and I hope to take many more trainings and workshops with you two!

    Kelsey Heide Yoga Teacher
  • Sacred Paths Yoga facilitates a space for personal & professional growth. I have now participated in both their 200hr YTT & 300hr AYTT programs & wow, what incredible experiences. Not only the depth gained in my own personal practice, but my confidence & capability to teach & lead others in all aspects of the yogic world is especially due to my guidance received by Sacred Paths Yoga.

    Amber Moore
    Amber Moore Yoga Pravaha Founder
  • This advanced yoga teacher training became more to me than just your typical training. It became a tight-knit community to which I felt like I was home. It became the place to where I could explore my current understanding of yoga and dig deeper; it became the place where I could let go of all the stories that held me back; it was the place where I felt completely supported to come more in sync with my truest self.I really enjoyed the more technical classes that were taught about Ayurveda, alignments, and adjustments. I feel this added so much knowledge to my own personal practice as well as more insight into how to help all of my future students.What I loved the most was the various spiritual avenues that were integrated into our daily routine. Just some of the things we did were chanting, kirtan, ceremonies, chakra and element studies, chi gong, and Reiki. I really valued the time that was taken to explore these topics and the care that was brought in by all of the facilitators to give us an enriching experience. I feel confident on offering what I've learnt to my students and I feel inspired to continue studying more.Overall, all of the facilitators, Darin, Lacey, and Sri  had so much knowledge to offer, they were 100% focused on the individual and group needs, they were very open and honest, and you can tell they are super passionate about what they are doing which always makes learning easier and more fun.To top all of that off, Indigo resort was very beautiful in a tranquil area and every single day we had fantastic meals made by the staff. All of the Indigo staff was also very accommodating to everyone's needs making it a fantastic accommodation.

    Jamie Thrasher
    Jamie Thrasher Yoga Teacher
  • I had the most incredible and inspirational journey with Sacred Paths. The detail and endless knowledge that our two facilitators had was mind blowing and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. It has given me a new mindset to my life and how I want to use yoga to not only help create inner peace within myself, but with others as well. This experience has been seriously life changing and it's only the beginning! I cannot wait to put all this into practice, start teaching and sharing my truth. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I cannot recommend Sacred Paths enough! Namaste 🙂

    Alice Powell
    Alice Powell
  • My journey with Sacred Paths Yoga was the most incredible experience, emotionally and physically it changed me and that's a wonderful and powerful thing! I am very grateful for my time with them everything they taught me. 

    Beth Summerhayes
    Beth Summerhayes Massage Therapist
  • I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sacred Paths lead by Srimati Hughes and Lindsay Foreman this October in Bali, Indonesia. It was truly a life changing experience that I am very grateful for, it transformed me physically as well as mentally and smoothed the way for my Yoga journey. Thank you very much Sacred Paths!

    Maria Oberreiter
    Maria Oberreiter
  • I had the most informative, magical, beautiful, fun, and joyful experience in Bali. Sri and Lindsay were incredible facilitators, guides, sages, goddess warriors, and now friends.I cannot even put into words how much this whole experience changed my life for the better and I am beyond grateful for you all.

    Whitney Snow
    Whitney Snow CaliFlow Yoga Studio

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