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Yoga Teacher Trainings

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Yoga Teacher Training

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Costa Rica

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Aug 1 – 21, 2024

Nov 30 – Dec 20, 2024

Jan 26 – Feb 15, 2025

March 21 – April 10, 2025

Sacred Paths Yoga is a full-time integrative Yoga School

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Practice.  Community.  Lifestyle.

We are a family founded & operated Yogic Institution with more than 13 years experience as educators dedicated to personal growth through the multidisciplinary exploration of Yoga. Our courses are for those students interested in learning more about Yoga as a Lifestyle and Spiritual Practice. Yoga Philosophy and Ethics are infused throughout each aspect of our courses.

We invite you to join our community of 1000+ Alumni from more than 50 countries worldwide!

Featured Training

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Sept 5 – 25, 2024

Nov 3 – 23, 2024

We’re moving from Ubud to Les! Nature Awaits!

Journey through the Elements

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Earth   Water    Fire   Air   Ether

Our courses use the building blocks of existence to shed light on life and Yogic Philosophy.  Each elemental cycle brings us closer to the roots of yoga and provides us with a comprehensive system to study and learn about our Bodies, our Emotions, our Past, our Mind and our Spirit.

Featured Training

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Jan 12 – Feb 1, 2025

March 5 – 25, 2025

Explore the Shamanic Origins of Yoga

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The ancient Rishi Sages immersed themselves in Nature and contemplation in order to reveal the teachings of Yoga.  In our courses we explore the mysteries, the challenges and the gifts of life through the study of Yoga Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Philosophy, Ceremony and more!

Featured Program

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Online Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Certification | 40 days +

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School 200 Hour

Blend of LIVE & Pre-Recorded Curriculum

Aug 25 – Oct 4, 2024

Feb 1 – March 13, 2025

April 13 – May 23, 2025

Alumni Testimonials

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Featured Destination


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200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

Oct 1 – 22, 2024

July 6 – 26, 2025

Yoga & Plant Ceremony Retreat

July 28 – Aug 4 2025

Intimately Curated Journeys for the Soul

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

We share life enhancing offerings at carefully selected sacred locations around the world. Our venues provide a harmonious balance of natural beauty, cultural awakening and spiritual connection. Your experience will be seamlessly guided by our trusted facilitators so that you can fully immerse yourself in spiritual growth, self love, culture, adventure, healing and whatever is inspiring you on this path. All paths lead to conscious connection … the sacred journey is yours.

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