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Beauty. Devotion. Bliss.

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The island of Bali is a potent land that provides jungle, mountains, rivers, canyons and beautiful beaches to roam and explore. Deep in the rice fields, surrounded by lush green rice grass and bright blue palm tree lined skies, we tune into the mindful rhythm of this culture, where beauty is honored in every step. We invite you on this journey of self inquiry to discover the beauty that is within you and all around you.

Spirituality is inherently infused into this unique culture that is filled with devotion. Every moment is a sacred offering of love from the heart. The temples, prayer songs and incense offerings provide the backdrop for this journey of self discovery. The ancient wisdom of this culture will guide us as we return to our heart’s essence. Commit to your practice as we go deep into this precious space for reflection and connection.

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Our 200hr program is held in Ubud, the thriving cultural and spiritual capital of Bali. Home to Bali’s yoga, art and health scene, it provides a sanctuary in an idyllic, nurturing space, full of the revitalizing qualities of the abundant land.

Our 300hr program is held in Pantai Bondalem.  The retreat center is on the beach in Bali’s pristine North.  This provides us with the perfect retreat space to dive deep into our advanced level program.

All programs focus on self love and self care as a path to bliss and awakening. The opportunities for massage, sauna, ceremony, yoga and more are abundant on this magical island!


  • Connect to the Balinese sense of devotion and sacred prayer
  • Go deep into your heart’s essence as you uncover the beauty that is within
  • Live your practice
  • Experience Balinese culture, dance and art
  • Learn a mindful approach to teaching as you experience presence and calm serenity
  • Feel yourself blossom into the highest expression of your truth
  • Daily meditation, yoga, spiritual lessons
  • Kirtan and Ceremony
  • Becoming a certified yoga teacher! (Yoga Alliance approved)
  • Visit temples and sacred sites
  • Temescal (sweat lodge ceremony)
  • Hiking in the surrounding mountains and volcanoes
  • Nourish your spirit with self love and connection
  • Healthy exotic foods

Retreat Center Info

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Bumi Cinta

Les, Bali

Bumi Cinta translates as “Heart of the Earth” and is located in Les, Bali. Bumi Cinta’s land has mature rainforest and a mature cacao farm along with a large permaculture and reforestation project. The property offers expansice views of Bali’s North Shore and the Bali Sea. The stunning curved architecture at Bumi Cinta blends into the surroundings, offers a self cooling roof design and is built with sustainablly grown bamboo and reclaimed teak wood.

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