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Who is this training for?

Our programs are geared towards practitioners of all levels and all ages. We teach adjustment and modifications so the practice can be adapted to meet the needs of a diverse audience. Whether it is your intention to step into your calling as a yoga teacher or  to learn the foundations of yoga and deepen your practice, this program will be equally informative and transformative.  We have students attending from all over the world and welcome the diversity in our groups.

What is the style of yoga practiced?

The style of yoga we share at Sacred Paths Yoga is a mindful vinyasa flow based practice that allows one to find connection and embark upon an insightful journey within. We link breath and movement to emphasize meditation and to find stillness in motion. This practice become a sacred prayer to our body, to access the stillness of the mind and to connect with spirit. The experience is deeply intentional as we honor yogic philosophy and invite our soul to look inward and find peace with what is present.

Our sequence is rooted in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa practices but has evolved to meet the needs of the modern yogi. We offer a holistic and well rounded approach, balancing the Yin and Yang, the passive and active, the lunar and solar, the feminine and masculine energies to leave one feeling centered and harmonious. Not only does this practice offer physical benefits, but it works on the energetic and spiritual forms as well, tapping into the wisdom of ancient yogic teachings while connecting to Earth Medicine and exploring the Elements as a path to transformation and Union with all that is.

We build a solid foundation for our students to then expand upon as they find their voices as teachers or in their own personal practice. We emphasis an embodied understanding of poses and alignment, intelligent sequencing and transitions while embracing grace, ease and fluidity. With this deeper awareness and understanding of the body, we can come into full alignment with mind, body, spirit and our life’s purpose.

How long do I need to practice yoga for to join?

There are no requirements to join, so long as you have an interest in yoga and meditation and a desire to deepen that connection.  We do recommend to cultivate a steady personal practice prior to arrival if possible to prepare your body and mind for the journey ahead. We offer online videos that you can practice along with to prepare.

Is this a Yoga Alliance Certified school?

Yes. Sacred Paths Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour and 300-hour Level as well as a Continuing Education Provider (YA-CEP). Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Sacred Paths Yoga  and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance® is the largest internationally recognized registering body for yoga teachers, studios and schools and is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community.  Yoga Alliance provides a set of educational standards for yoga schools that specify hours of study in certain Educational Categories, to ensure schools provide thorough training to yoga teachers that will enable them to teach safely and competently.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer 3 month payment plans.  They require a 1/3 deposit, with payments following in 30 and 60 days from purchase.  There is an admin fee of $150.

We are also able to set up custom and long term payment plans upon request.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we regularly offer scholarship to qualified applicants. You can view scholarship requirements and submit your application here: Scholarship Award Program

Can I read about past student experiences?

To view testimonials of previous students please visit:  Alumni Testimonials

We can also provide your email address to a few previous students and they can send you more information about their experiences. You may also join our Facebook page to inquire about previous experiences.

What will I gain from this experience?

We have developed this experience to be much more than a platform to learn the foundations of yoga but as a transformative and life enhancing experience. Our graduates often report that our programs provide an opportunity for self-inquiry, healing and growth. You will gain all the tools necessary to empower your practice and/or begin teaching while embarking on a journey for the soul.

Can I teach right away after finishing the course?

Yes, you will be empowered with all of the tools necessary to begin your yoga teaching journey. You will gain experience during the course through peer teaching and can then register with Yoga Alliance immediately after successful completion of the program.

Where can I view the syllabus?

You can view our 200 hr syllabus here:  Syllabus

How many hours of Yoga do we practice every day?

We have a 2-hour asana practice in the morning and a  2-3 hour asana workshop in the afternoon.  The total asana practice each day is 4-5 hours.

Are there days off during the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

Yes, we typically have 3 days off during the 200hr program and 4 days off during the 300hr, occurring every 5th day.

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