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Balance. Connection. Harmony.

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Lake Atitlán in Guatemala is believed by the Maya to be the center of the universe where God’s seeds of mankind evolved. This large endorheic lake (one that does not flow to the sea) is the deepest lake in Central America. The lake’s landscape features three volcanoes which offer spectacular views directly across the lake. The largest, Volcán Atitlán, is the only one of the three believed to still be active, though its last eruption occurred in 1853. Most of the year, the volcanoes are clearly visible in their supreme grandeur. The deep caldera walls of the lake create a powerful inverse vortex to the volcanic mountains and ridges above, creating tremendous beauty.

At an altitude of 5,000 feet in the Guatemalan highlands, the climate has been referred to as the “land of eternal spring.” the time between November and April brings brilliant sunsets, sunshine and dry days and nights. The climate — combined with the grandeur of the lake, the views of the volcanoes and the lush vegetation — sets the stage for what visitors have described as a true paradise. The sheer quantity of exotic flowers, trees and plant species is further enhanced by the abundance of bird life affording excellent first hand opportunities for bird watchers and naturalist alike.

This is the perfect place to open and relax our minds, remember the wisdom of our ancestors, and ignite our hearts in the middle of nature. By living a simple and intentional existence, we experience rest, revitalization and growth of the individual in harmony with the environment. It is our sincere desire that your experience in this natural refuge will enhance your lives as much as it has ours.



  • Live close to the Earth and find connection on the physical, mental and spiritual level
  • Go deep into your process of self transformation and healing in a safe and supportive environment
  • Practice yoga with breathtaking lake and volcano views
  • Feed your soul with fresh organic vegetarian meals coming straight from the source
  • Experience the medicine of the Earth through living in harmony with nature
  • Learn a holistic approach to living as you connect with nature, spirit and your own intuition
  • Use Earth Medicine, Ceremony and the wisdom of the indigenous culture to connect and reveal your soul’s journey
  • Cacao Ceremony and Temescal (sacred sweat lodge)
  • Mayan Fire Ceremony
  • Hiking in the surrounding mountains, visit indigenous villages, markets and more!

Retreat Center Info

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Arco Isis Sanctuary

San Marcos La Laguna

Our San Marcos Atitlan, Guatemala programs are hosted at the Arco Isis Sanctuary a garden sanctuary on the mountainside overlooking San Marcos La Laguna in Lake Atitlan.  Arco Isis strives to elevate consciousness and support the local indigenous Mayan community. “Arco Isis” is a creative play on arco iris, the Spanish term for rainbow. Isis is the Ancient Egyptian name of the Divine Mother, bringer of rain, fertility, protection and rebirth. The name invokes the love and resurrection of the Divine Mother to help us transform our consciousness and learn to live in harmony with the Earth and our universe.


  • incredible lake and volcano view Yoga Shala
  • rustic and natural accommodations
  • temescal sweat lodge
  • locally and onsite sourced veggies


Arco Isis has an ongoing vision to build a more ecologically-sustainable, natural sanctuary. They apply permaculture, alternative energy technology, and ancient Mayan agricultural techniques to achieve these goals. They have designed and implemented several living permaculture projects to energize a model ecosystem that promotes prosperous interdependence with the Earth. Their intention is to reconnect individuals with new holistic understandings of green principles in their own daily life.

At Arco Isis, a sacred and inspiring atmosphere has been created that offers a space to sink in, relax and reconnect with the freedom of inner peace.

Upcoming Guatemala Offerings

YTT | Room and Board Packages:

All packages are priced per person and include three organic vegetarian meals per day. Please contact to make your housing reservation.

We offer

  • Camping (includes tent, bed and bedding)
  • Glamping (large bell tent, bed and bedding)
  • Dormitory
  • Double Shared Room
  • Private Cabin

Other Costs

  • Transportation to San Marcos Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Ground transport to Arco Isis 
  • Optional body therapies and treatments
  • Optional day off activities
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