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Our Yoga Retreats offer more than just a memorable holiday, they offer a chance to recharge and reconnect, to become inspired and to enhance your experience on this journey of life.  We have sought out locations worldwide that have the power to transform and awaken your spirit. Each sacred place offers a unique opportunity to answer to your heart’s deepest calling. Whether it is to open your perspective by experiencing a new culture, to cultivate personal growth by stepping out of your comfort zone, to give back to marginalized communities, to learn new skills, to heal, awaken and inspire or to rest, recharge and surrender to self love, all of our retreats are curated to meet your intentions with mindfully developed scheduling and programming that provides invaluable life enhancing experiences while offering the time and space needed for self-reflection and in-joyment. Sacred Paths retreats are intentional journeys for the soul.

Costa Rica

Surf Yoga Retreat

July 22 – 28, 2024

Aug 22 – 28, 2024

Feb 17 – 23, 2025


Shamanic Yoga & Plant Ceremony Retreat

Sacred Valley ~ July 28 Aug 4, 2025


Alumni Retreat

New Dates TBA!

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