Peru Yoga Retreat

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Sacred Valley Retreat

July 28 – Aug 4, 2025

Peru Shamanic Yoga Retreat

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Yoga. Qigong. Sacred Sites. Ceremony. Master Plants. 

Join us in the highlands of the Andes for our annual Peru Yoga Retreat. Explore the deep connection found through this integrative program as we blend the traditions of Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong with the indigenous knowledge of Plant Medicine and Energetic Healing. This is a powerful program conducted in an intentional and safe environment to do deep healing work. We flow through the transformative levels of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, dive deep into the practice of Yoga and experience ancient shamanic traditions.

This program works to release the traumas of your past, unravel your patterns and let go of self limiting beliefs. From this place of clarity, dreams can be realized. We offer you the tools and practices to reconnect and realize your highest potential!

Peru Waterfall Hike 2021
Peru Yoga Retreat practice
Peru Retreat Group Photo 2018

It is our deepest honor and heart’s calling to offer this potent retreat that serves to invoke radical transformation and healing. It is a challenge to convey to you the experience of this retreat as it is such a magical experience to explore the energy of Peru and the depths of the Soul. Our intention is to create a safe and supportive environment for you to surrender completely, to receive the wisdom of plant medicine and to reveal your inner light and higher purpose. We invite you to trust your inner guidance as we have trusted ours and know that you have been guided to this journey for a reason.

8 Days | 7 Nights

Double Room: $1800 USD/per person  

Private Room: $2200 USD

Pricing includes:

Accommodation, Meals, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Q’eros Despacho Ceremony, Temescal (sweat-lodge) Ceremony, Yoga, Qigong, Pranayama, Meditation, Plant Baths, Drum Journey, Daily Lessons, Evening Gatherings, Entry tickets to Local Sacred Sites, Transportation to Sacred Sites and Pisac Market.

Pricing does not include:

  • Airfare to Cusco, Peru (CUZ airport)
  • Transportation To & From Retreat Center ~ approx. $15 – $20 one way
  • Coca Leaf Readings ~ $60 USD
  • Massages ~ $75 USD
  • Optional Master Plant Ceremonies ~  approx. $180 – $200 per ceremony
    • Cost May Vary Depending on Number of Participants
    • Led by local healers 


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Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru, this program offers a powerful place to tap into the wisdom of the land, the ancient culture and the deep inner knowing of our own hearts. This land is considered one of the most powerful energetic centers of the world. We feel its strength and we witness this deep connection to spirit in the land, the people and the harmonious way of living. In this retreat experience, we find a symbiotic blend of ancient indigenous wisdom and yogic teachings to guide you on this path of awakening.

Peru Retreat Letitia and John
Peru Retreat Temescal
Plant bath Peru Retreat 2
japé mesas crystals peru retreat

We invite you to embark upon this powerful journey with us as we explore the mysteries of our own heart, guided by the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, which allows us to peel away the layers and awaken to our soul’s purpose. Insights, breakthroughs and revelations abound supported by this magical land. We experience the medicine of this land through Despacho ceremony, cleansing plant baths, purifying Temescal Ceremony, heart-opening Cacao Ceremony, traditional coca leaf reading, sound and shamanic healings, and optional Shamanic Plant Ceremonies offered with trusted local guides. These rituals facilitate personal transformation and healing and will leave you feeling cleansed and empowered.

It is our greatest fulfillment to witness the transformation of our friends, family and students as they journey through this life changing experience. And it is a journey, with many challenges, triumphs and insights along the way, a journey that will leave you feeling strong, whole and limitless in your potential, a journey of healing that is cultivated by trusting each perfect moment.

Shaman healing at yoga retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru
Yoga Teacher Training and healing retreat in Peru
Cacao Ceremony Serving Spoon

We invite you to journey with us to the sacred highlands of Peru to embark upon this life enhancing experience. This soul journey is curated with enriching cultural activities, healing ceremonies, engaging discussion, thought-provoking personal growth activities and a daily practice to integrate your experiences. We host a journey that is deeply personal, supportive and inclusive to meet the intentions of each participant. Each day begins with Intention Setting, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Asana as a practice to cultivate deep inner connections and open to the experiences of the day. Organic locally grown vegetarian meals are served throughout to help cleanse and purify the body from the inside out. The day will flow into different activities, ceremonies or cultural excursion that coincide with the Peruvian Medicine Wheel as our guide for transformation. Allow the breathtaking beauty of Peru’s Sacred Valley guide you on your path of healing and self-realization.

Trust the process and answer to your Soul’s calling!

  • "My yoga retreat to Peru was amazing, life changing & one to certainly remember. I am so thankful that I had Darin and Lacey as my guides as I discovered: shamanic healing traditions & ceremonies, practiced yoga, meditation & immersed myself in Peruvian culture. The retreat center felt like our little haven. It was clean, welcoming & provided the perfect home base during the retreat. The retreat had a beautiful balance of personal time and group time, time in nature & time in town. I highly recommend Darin & Lacey's shamanic yoga retreat to anyone interested in learning more about yoga, cultivating their own inner light, discovering medicinal plant ceremonies in Peru or just in general, want an authentic immersion into the country and its traditions. Thank you, Darin & Lacey for being simply wonderful guides along the journey!"

    Trudy Collings
    Trudy Collings Ayurvedic Practitioner, Founder Paavani
  • Wow! What a journey, and memorable experience, I had at the Sacred Paths yoga and plant ceremony retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Peru is a magical place, and this retreat provided a nurturing space which supported my own magical personal transformation. My connection with our Mother Earth has grown deeper since the profound plant ceremonies, which  occurred amongst the most awe-inspiring mountains. I really enjoyed all of my fellow participants, the facilitators (Lacey & Darin), and of course, the very special local shamanic guides. I feel renewed by a sense of love and overwhelming gratitude.

    Alecia Weisman
    Alecia Weisman Small Business Owner
  • I met Darin and Lacey through my 200 YTT in Bali, the place where it all began. I learned of the yearly retreats they held in Peru and made the best decision of my life and took the leap to go to this beautiful sacred place called Sacred Valley. Words cannot even explain how magical the week was, it was such a beautiful space for people to come together, met some amazing beautiful kind souls, we shared so may lovely memories, we also had perfect time to self- reflect, every second was just so special, even the food was amazing!!! We had the option to work with the plants, and wow what a transformational journey that was! The plant ceremonies were held with so much care and attention which makes such a huge difference on the experience. Through this I was able to find and love who I truly am, leaving behind any fears filling me with light, love and compassion. So much healing and realizations are made in this special time that I am so grateful for. If you are reading this it is for a reason, trust the process of life and take the leap, only good things will come…. Darin and Lacey I have so much  gratitude in my heart for you, if it wasn’t for your passion, help, love, nourishment and holding space for others I would never have experienced this beautiful transformation. Thank You!!

    Natalie Barbosa
    Natalie Barbosa Dancer

Daily Schedule

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Day 1: Welcome

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1:00 pm – Optional Shared Shuttle From Cusco

2:00 pm – Check In


4:00 pm – Despacho Ceremony

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Welcoming Ceremony & Intention Setting

Day 2: Letting Go

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7:00 am – Meditation Pranayama Yoga Asana

8:30 am – Breakfast

11:00 am – Pisac Market

3:00 pm – Temescal (Sweat-lodge)

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Shamanic Yoga Nidra

Day 3: Releasing

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7:00 am – Meditation Pranayama Yoga Asana

8:30 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Waterfall

1:00 pm – Lunch

3:30 pm – Cacao Ceremony

6:00 pm – Dinner

Day 4: Bliss

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7:00 am – Meditation Pranayama Yoga Asana

9:00 am – Spiritual Lesson

**Optional San Pedro Ceremony or Free Day to Explore**

6:00 pm – Dinner

Day 5: Manifestation

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9:00 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Reintegration

11:00 am – Restorative Yoga

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Cultural Excursion to Sacred Sites

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Manifestation Ceremony

Day 6: Formless

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7:00 am – Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Asana

9:00 am – Breakfast

11:00 am – Qigong + Drum Journey

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Plant Baths + Ceremony Preparations

Coca Leaf Readings  |  Massage  |   Healing Sessions

 6:00 pm – ***Optional Shamanic Ceremony

Day 7:  Walk in Beauty

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8:30 am – Breakfast

11:00 am – Ceremony Integration

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Optional Hike |  Massage  |   Healing Sessions

4:00 pm – Yoga

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Fire Circle

Day 8:  Fare Thee Well

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7:00 am – Meditation, Yoga

8:30 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Closing Circle

12:00 pm – Departure


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We are grateful for the opportunity to work with local Shamanic Healers that we have been studying with for many years as well as the Master Plants of ceremonial Cacao, Japé, Wachuma (San Pedro Cactus) and Ayahuasca. Each plant has its own energy and lessons to reveal and we have designed this program to create an integrative and enriching learning environment grounded by the practices of meditation and yoga. We are here to support you and honor each of your individual journeys. We are honored to hold space for your individual and our collective healing.


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Munay Sonqo Retreat Center

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Munay Sonqo translates as ‘Loving Heart’ in Quechua.  We have been hosting our programs at Munay Sonqo for 8 years since they first opened their doors in the village of Arin, Sacred Valley Peru.  Munay Sonqo offers amazing views of the Andes while being immersed in the beautiful Andean mountainside.  The space is yogicly curated throughout.  Classes and ceremonies take place in our own private Yoga Maloka (temple).

Peru yoga retreat lodging
peru sacha_munay_dining-room
Peru Retreat Yoga Shala

Andean Meals

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Throughout this retreat, we will enjoy fresh abundant vegetarian Peruvian food cooked with love by our wonderful kitchen staff. The fresh salads and fruit (grown onsite in the organic gardens), quinoa, varieties of potatoes, corn, squash and hearty Andean soups will leave you feeling cleansed and nourished.  Our meals will also be catered to the Shamanic Plant Ceremony diet to help prepare our bodies and minds for the Shamanic Journeys.

Munay Food 4
Sacha Munay Food 1
Sacha Munay Food 3
Sacha Munay Food 2

Peru Yoga Retreat Registration

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Peru Healing Yoga Retreat


$1800 including Shared Room & Meals

$2200 including Private Room & Meals

7 nights/ 8 days in the Sacred Valley of Peru.



Add On Excursions – Before or After Retreat

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Machu Picchu

Visit one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the world.  Trips offered by train or by joining a hike on the Inca Trail or Salkantay Trail.  Contact Us for more information on booking your trip.

Rainbow Mountain

A must see for those visiting Cusco, Rainbow Mountain will inspire your creativity through color. The summit is just over 17,000 ft! The hike is well worth the energy.  Contact Us for more information on booking your trip.

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In our Peru Yoga Retreat we ask: How can we find more ways to pause, to witness beauty, to appreciate the miracle of life, to connect back into our true nature and to live intentionally?  There are many ways to incorporate ceremony into our daily lives. We offer ceremony as an opportunity to slow down to appreciate what is right in front of us and to offer gratitude to the Earth, Sky and Spirit.  We will discover how to bring ceremony into every moment and witness the beauty of life unfold.

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