Temescal – Sweat Lodge

 In Shaman & Ceremony

The Temescal (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony is a powerful experience for most and is often performed in the beginning of our retreats and yoga trainings. Often referred to as a sweat-lodge, the Temescal is a chance to release physically, mentally and emotionally in order to prepare ourselves for our spiritual journey.

This ceremony is an intense journey and is led by experienced guides.  The essence of the ceremony revolves around surrender to Mother Earth and we often go through a process of death and rebirth within the ceremony itself.

The Temescal itself represents the Womb of the Mother, even it’s shape looks as thought the earth is pregnant.

Temescal Sweat Lodge

The Temescal dome may be constructed out of a clay and straw mixture or it can be a simple structure of wooden poles with blankets over it.  In the center is a small pit.  Outside, a fire is created with large stones placed in the heart of the fire.  When the stones are red-hot they are brought into the center pit of the temescal, one at a time.  When each stone enters we collectively invite it’s ancient energy in using the words “bienvenidos wilkarumi”  (Welcome Sacred Stone – Wilka = Sacred; Rumi = Stone)

The Temescal ceremony is often broken into four section called the Four Winds or the Four Doors.  The amount of time that we spend in each door of transformation varies depending on how the leader of the ceremony is intuitively feeling what is needed for the energy of the group.

Often each wind or door is represented by an Element or often times an animal archtype.  The order of the elements or winds may change depending on the intention of the ceremony leader.

There comes a point during the journey when your mind will tell you that you need to leave.  This is when willpower, trust and the transformational process begins.  The Earth has an amazing way of staying cool and if things feel intense you have the opportunity to get close to the ground to breath Mother Earths cool air.


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