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Exploring the Self through the body

Movement Lab with Hana Pepin

5 week Self Paced – Start Anytime!

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This course is Intended to inspire you to live daily life more fulfilled and awakened through the practice of breath, movement and self contemplation. Each practice is intelligently designed and themed starting from the feet and legs and will continue each week until we reach the head. Movement Lab is an exploration of your physical body’s capabilities and limitations for greater understanding of self. You will gain clarity and understanding of your body’s anatomy, learn life changing techniques to apply to your daily life for more comfort and ease, and will be given themes to contemplate, prompts to reflect on and exercises, meditations, breathing techniques to deepen your understanding of yourself.

This is a 5 week online self guided course with access to the content for 1 year. Each week a new 1 hour “Movement Practice” will be released to you via email. All videos are pre-recorded and released weekly throughout the course.

Movement lab is for students looking to deepen their practice with new techniques and methods ranging from C.A.R.S. (range of motion drills) to Feldenkrais method to physical therapy techniques for healing injuries and rehabilitating the body.

Week 1

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Foundational techniques, feet, legs & grounding; feeling safe in our bodies and finding our place in the world.

Week 2

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Hip mobility, freedom of expression & getting unstuck; reproductive system; Learn the language of your body & explore personal boundaries. Discover where your creativity and passion is to live your life’s purpose.

Week 3

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Spinal intelligence & investing in your Core; Learn about the lower back, digestive system and the organs associated with vitality and wellness; discovering how to move with integrity & develop your physical, mental and emotional strength. Taking control of your own life and moving with consistency, balance & motivation.

Week 4

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Liberating the spiritual heart & finding freedom to forgive; A practice for the arms, chest, upper back and shoulders, and cardiac system. Cultivate self-love and a healthy positive self image. Letting go of the old habitual ways of doing things that no longer serve you and step into your most authentic awakened self.

Week 5

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Putting it all together; moving from a place of awareness; integration into daily life; learning about the spine, neck and head. Live your most authentic life, speaking your truth and living your dharma; archetypes and the roles we play; developing our relationship with a higher power.


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Movement Lab

Movement Lab


Pay In Full

$250 USD

Payment Plan

  • 1/3 deposit + $20 Admin Fee
  • 2nd payment in 30 days
  • 3rd payment in 60 days
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