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Ancient. Cleansing. Magical.

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Located in the heart of The Sacred Valley, our Peru Yoga programs offer a powerful place to tap into the wisdom of the land, the ancient culture and the deep inner knowing of our own hearts. This land is said to be one of the most powerful energetic centers of the world. We feel its strength and we witness this deep connection to spirit in the land, the people and the ancient way of living. In this program we find a harmonious and symbiotic blend of ancient indigenous wisdom and yogic teachings to guide us on this path.

We will find a deep connection to nature as we explore the healing modalities of Peru. We experience the medicine of this land through Despacho ceremony, cleansing plant baths, purifying temescal ceremony, heart-opening cacao ceremony, traditional coca leaf reading and sound and shamanic healings throughout, with optional shamanic ceremonies offered on days off. These rituals facilitate personal transformation and healing and will leave you feeling cleansed and empowered.

The energy of Peru is one of magic, mystery and awakening. We invite you to embark upon this powerful journey with us as we explore the mysteries of our own heart, guided by the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, which allows us to peel away the layers and awaken to our soul’s purpose. Insights, breakthroughs and revelations abound supported by this magical land.


  • Find connection of the physical, mental and spiritual level
  • Go deep into your process of self transformation and healing in a safe and supportive environment
  • Experience Peru through local plants and ceremony
  • Learn a holistic approach to teaching as you connect with nature, spirit and your own intuition
  • Feel yourself become empowered as you tap into the ancient wisdom of the Sacred Valley.
  • Daily meditation, yoga, spiritual lessons
  • Kirtan
  • Becoming a certified yoga teacher! (Yoga Alliance approved)
  • Ceremonies with Andean shamans (Quero, Ayamara)
  • Visit indigenous villages in the Sacred Valley and explore sacred ruins (Incan and pre)
  • Temescal (sacred sweat lodge ceremony)
  • Hiking in the surrounding sacred mountains
  • OPTIONAL: Machu Picchu excursion
  • *Additional packages offered: During the training there will be optional sacred shamanic ceremonies offered on our days off. For more information please email us.

Resort Info

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Our yoga retreats in Peru are held at Munay Sonqo Eco Resort. center near Arin, a small village near Calca in the middle of the Incas Sacred Valley.  Munay Sonqo Eco Resort. is located at the base of sacred mountains Pitisuray and Sawasiray right underneath the beautiful Arin waterfall. It is in the heart of the Sacred Valley only 1 hour away from Cusco and 2 hours from the majestic archaeological site of Machu Picchu.

The center is eco-friendly, made from local materials, and offers lush flower gardens, fruit trees, hummingbirds, majestic rocks, cleansing waterfalls, hammocks, delicious vegetarian cuisine and stunning views of the Apus (sacred mountains) and surrounding lands. Munay Sonqo maintains an appreciation for the balance and purity of nature. The space is a secluded oasis and ideal for your own spiritual growth.

Munay Sonqo rooms are themed and each room offers a reflection of the Peruvian culture surrounded by beautiful gardens.  The meals are sourced from locally-grown produce on this abundant land, prepared lovingly with the freshest ingredients. The experience at Munay Sonqo offers a deep connection to nature and the spirit of Peru.

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Peru Retreat Yoga Shala
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