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For more than a decade Sacred Paths Yoga has shared life enhancing offerings at carefully selected sacred locations around the world. Our Yoga Teacher Training programs and Yoga Retreats provide a harmonious balance of natural beauty, cultural awakening and spiritual connection. Your experience will be seamlessly guided by our trusted facilitators so that you can fully immerse yourself in spiritual growth, self love and healing on this path.  Sacred Paths lead to conscious connection in sharing the wisdom of yoga as we honor ancient traditions and inspire transformation.

who we are

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Sacred Paths Yoga is a community of healing practitioners, yogis, musicians, leaders and artists that are devoted to spiritual growth. We feel blessed to be supported on this journey by a community that continues to uplift, inspire and provide deep connections.  We honor ancient traditions, sacred lands and the power of nature to transform and awaken as we answer to this humble calling to share yogic wisdoms.

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Retreat, Recharge and Reconnect

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Sacred Paths Yoga Retreats offer intentional travel at sacred locations worldwide. Our retreats provide an opportunity to recharge and reconnect, to become inspired and to enhance your experience on this journey of life. All of our retreats are curated to meet your intentions with mindfully developed scheduling and programming that provides invaluable life enhancing experiences with the power to transform and awaken your spirit.  Our programs are offered at powerful energy centers around the world including Costa Rica, Bali, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico

Who this is for

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Sacred paths is for the spiritual seeker, the worldwide traveler, the inspired and the adventurous yogi. We are honored for you to join our worldwide community of teachers, healers, embodied practitioners and guides. We welcome you to journey with us on this Sacred Path!

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