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Darin Lehman, E-RYT500hr

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Darin ‘Jai’ Lehman is a dedicated yogi, musician, artist, writer, surfer and lover of nature. He has made spiritual seeking his life’s work and he strives to bring purpose, intention and joy into each moment.  His journey has led him to many inspiring teachers, spiritual living communities, traditions and cultures which is translated through his integrative teaching style. Darin weaves many paths to cultivate a broad understanding and accessible approach for the modern practitioner. He honors ancient teachings while going beyond rigidity in form to bring expansion and personal growth into this practice. Darin walks the path of the spiritual realm merging the physical practices of yoga and qigong, with the connection to higher Spirit, the earth elements, the cardinal directions and personal guides, guardians and teachers.  Darin brings the expression of Bhakti (devotion) into his classes through the use of singing Kirtan songs, chanting mantras, sharing Icaros (earth medicine music) and playing a variety of instruments.  Darin also incorporates ceremony into his offerings including Letting Go and Manifestation Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Drum Journeys, Japé and Plant Medicine Journeys.

His engaging and relatable nature cultivates a safe space for students to deepen their practice at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.


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Darin playing guitar at cacao ceremony
Darin Lehman, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator doing handstand in Peru
Darin Lehman, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Darin Lehman, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator playing a Pantam steel hand pan
Darin Lehman Krishna Door
Darin Lehman standing with guitar
Darin Lehman, Yoga instructor, Surfing
Darin Qigong Flow Yoga Instructor
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