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Deepen Your Yoga Practice

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The Sacred Paths Yoga Teacher Training program presents all the tools necessary for the trainee to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the yogic practice and to expand upon the sequences learned to create offerings that are authentic and deeply connected. Our curriculum is designed to empower you in your self practice and to develop teachers who are powerful space-holders. We create a solid foundation upon which the trainee can build upon in becoming a knowledgeable practitioner or safe and confident guide.

Through our step by step approach in sharing anatomy, alignment, sequencing and adjustments as well as the subtleties of communication, space-holding, energetics and connection, we help you reveal the Guru within. Students will leave confident to expand upon their foundation and practice or teach a variety of different styles to a broad audience in a way that is accessible, authentic, knowledgeable and connected.

200HR Yoga Teacher Training

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300HR Advanced Yoga TTC

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Embody Your Practice

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Our immersion format offers the unique opportunity to break free from distractions and habits and to embody your practice through yogic living. Through this experience, we find deeper connection with oneself, with each other and with infinite Source. We walk in beauty and in oneness with all that is.

This journey is supported by community. We create a safe container that is supportive, inclusive and open. Through this group dynamic, we are able to witness and hold space for each other’s process, learn and share together as teachers and students and all find deeper ways to walk the path of yoga.

Live Your Practice

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We offer this yoga immersion experience as a means to self-inquiry, transformation and as a path to live our most authentic truth. This is the time to ask yourself your deepest questions, to peel back the layers of conditioning and to reveal your infinite truth. This training offers the time, space and support to examine the way in which we perceive and relate to the word around us. Through daily spiritual lessons, self inquiry, discussions, exercises and study of ancient texts, we uncover our path to self realization. We relate these teachings to the modern day yoga practitioner so that these ancient philosophies are relevant to the world in which we live and we can truly live this practice in every step.

Immerse In Your Practice

  • Experience a spiritual living community
  • Break free from habitual patterns and distractions
  • Commit to your practice with daily meditation, pranayama and asana in an inspiring setting
  • Purify your mind, body and spirit with a nourishing yogic diet
  • Advance your personal practice with daily guidance, gain strength and new insights on alignment and energetics
  • Experience and learn new techniques to incorporate into your personal practice
  • Discover ways to live your yoga practice off the mat
  • Become inspired as you deepen your connection


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Mindful Vinyasa Flow   |   Hatha Flow   |   Restorative   |    Yin

The style of yoga we share at Sacred Paths Yoga is a mindful vinyasa flow based practice that allows one to find connection and embark upon an insightful journey within. We link breath and movement to emphasize meditation and to find stillness in motion. This practice become a sacred prayer to our body, to access the stillness of the mind and to connect with spirit. The experience is deeply intentional as we honor yogic philosophy and invite our soul to look inward and find peace with what is present.

Our sequence is rooted in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa practices but has evolved to meet the needs of the modern yogi. We offer a holistic and well rounded approach, balancing the Yin and Yang, the passive and active, the lunar and solar, the feminine and masculine energies to leave one feeling centered and harmonious. Not only does this practice offer physical benefits, but it works on the energetic and spiritual forms as well, tapping into the wisdom of ancient yogic teachings while connecting to Earth Medicine and exploring the Elements as a path to transformation and Union with all that is.

We build a solid foundation for our students to then expand upon as they find their voices as teachers or in their own personal practice. We emphasis an embodied understanding of poses and alignment, intelligent sequencing and transitions while embracing grace, ease and fluidity. With this deeper awareness and understanding of the body, we can come into full alignment with mind, body, spirit and our life’s purpose.

For many, this becomes a life changing experiencing as we set out to gain more clarity and empowerment on our life’s journey. While the core curriculum unites our offerings, each program is a unique experience of the wisdom and insights revealed from the particular facilitators as well as those souls that have been called to co-create this journey. Likewise, each sacred location offers deep ancient wisdom and cultural tradition that we will thread into the course. We offer deep gratitude for the spirit of the land for safeguarding and protecting these sacred spaces to heal and transform.


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In our yoga teacher training programs, we meet and exceed the requirements of Yoga Alliance for anatomy, techniques, philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, teaching methodology and practicum and beyond while creating a container for self inquiry and personal growth. While honoring the traditional forms of this practice, we explore the expansive nature of yoga and spirituality in all forms. Whether it is your intention to step into your calling as a yoga teacher or to learn the foundations of yoga and deepen your practice, this program will be equally informative and transformative.

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