300hr Yoga Syllabus

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300hr Course Syllabus

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The Sacred Paths Yoga teacher training journey is the time for self inquiry and introspection, the time to dig deep through layers of the past and release what is no longer serving you, the time to uncover the resistance of the heart to reveal your deepest passions, inspirations and manifestations and to bring your life into full alignment. This intentional healing work will help to reveal the conduit of source that you are and ultimately guide you in sharing yoga from your authentic place, stepping into your light as healing practitioner and guide.

The form is held for students to develop a committed relationship with their practice. We believe that as embodied practitioners, you will become transformational teachers. Through our step by step approach in sharing anatomy, alignment, sequencing and adjustments as well as the subtleties of communication, spaceholding, energetics and connection, we guide you in revealing the Guru within. Students will refine their offerings and leave more confident in their expanded foundation and practice to teach a variety of different styles to a broad audience in a way that is accessible, authentic, knowledgeable and connected.

Our 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training is designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of the practice and teaching of yoga that were taught at the 200-hour level. This 300-hour advanced training prepares trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or subtler, and the program enables them to teach with greater skill and intuition.  This program will guide trainees to share yoga as a spiritual practice that goes beyond the body, as a practice that has the power to transform and awaken.

Our 300-hour program focuses on Cultivating an Embodied Practice, Living the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, Experiencing and Sharing Healing Arts and Advanced Teaching Techniques. With this approach, we feel that each individual can progress on their own unique spiritual journey as well as inform and expand their skill set to step into the calling as inspirational guide. Transform your practice, your teachings and yourself with this thoughtful, cohesive and comprehensive curriculum.

Embodied Practice

Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama and Asana informed with advanced practices, themes and intelligent sequencing.

Living Yoga and Ancient Wisdom

Study, Discussion and Application of Yoga Philosophy through sacred texts, mystical teachings and direct experience to cultivate personal transformation and growth.

Healing Arts

Sacred Ceremony, Sound Healing, Shamanic Journey, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Chakra Cleansing, Herbal Healing, Aromatherapy, the subtle/ energetic body and holistic healing practices

Advanced Teaching Techniques

Pranayama, Adjustment and Assists, Advanced Asanas and Alignment, Sequencing and Class Design, Theory and Methodology, Transitions, Functional Anatomy, Yoga Therapeutics and Workshop/ Retreat Design

Yoga Certification


Our 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses are Yoga Alliance Certified Courses. After completion you will receive our Sacred Paths 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification with a Yoga Alliance seal which will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance if you choose to. Our immersion courses follow the Yogic Gurukula system where every moment of the training is a part of the course. Eating healthy to practicing daily asana and watching sunsets are all a part of the Yogic transformation. We will embody the lifestyle and inner practice of Yoga throughout the course.

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