Cacao Ceremony

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Cacao Ceremony

Gratitude.  Abundance.  Self Inquiry.  Connection

Cacao Ceremony HighlightsHarvested Cacao pods

  • Guatemalan Criollo Ceremonial Cacao
  • Invocation & Gratitude to the Energy & Spirit of Cacao
  • Opening Blessing for the Energy of the Ceremony
  • Meditation & Peace Mantras
  • Live Music for Ceremony
  • Yoga, Qigong & other movement practices
  • Sound Healing Journey
  • Go deep into your heart’s essence as you uncover the beauty that is within
  • Feel yourself blossom into the highest expression of your truth
  • Opportunity to integrate your experience

Cacao Ceremony Info

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Each Cacao Ceremony is a unique co-creation of the energies brought by each participant and the potent spirit of Cacao.  

Cacao beans have been recognized for centuries for the potent heartfelt power among the indigenous tribes of Central America. A superfood containing a complex mix of vitamins and aminos, Cacao helps to facilitate powerful transformation by accessing the heart center and deepening one’s connection to spirit. Cacao is a facilitator that brings you to the doors of perception, allowing you to work with your shadows or to step into your own power and gifts. We are honored to have access to this special plant medicine grown in small quantities in the highlands of Guatemala.  For each Cacao Ceremony we set intention to cultivate spiritual purification, deep connection and expansion!

Cacao Ceremony Facilitators

Darin and Lacey have spent the past 7 years exploring the energy of Cacao and guiding others through the experience.  Cacao is a powerful yet gentle facilitator that allows one to tap into the energetic body, to work through the emotional body, to discover and release shadows and to cultivate a deep sense of heartfelt connection to all beings.  The physical effects, spiritual, energetic and emotional benefits are greatly enhanced when cacao is used ceremoniously and guided by experienced facilitators. Darin and Lacey work closely with the Spirit of Cacao and its guidance to offer ceremonies that serve the needs of the participants, offering blessings, providing space, encouraging movement through Yoga, Qigong and Dance, bringing the group energy back together, connecting through Meditation and collectively uniting our voices in song and mantra.  Darin and Lacey have introduced Cacao to hundreds of participants who are new to this medicine and are respected by experienced participants and facilitators.
We source our high content Criollo cacao from Guatemala and exclusively use ‘Mendoza Cacao’ and ‘Ruk’u’x Ulew’ for ceremonies.

Cacao Photo Gallery

Cacao Ceremony, Santa Cruz, 2017
darin cacao ceremony drum
Cacao Ceremony being performed with guitar
Cacao Ceremony kinfolk, Grass Valley, 2017
Cacao Ceremony music and rituals
Cacao treats at ceremony
Darin playing guitar at cacao ceremony
Cacao Ceremony in Yosemite
Cacao Ceremony, Bali, Mesa and crystals
Darin plays Pantam hand pan in San Francisco, 2016
Darin and Lacey leading Cacao Ceremony
Sharing Cacao at a healing Cacao Ceremony
Yoga Retreat students at Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony tools
Cacao Ceremony with Ganesha
Cacao Ceremony Guatemalan Cacao being poured
Cacao Ceremony, San Francisco, 2017
Darin and Lacey at Cacao Ceremony
Darin leading the Cacao Ceremony Sound Healing Journey
Cacao Ceremony tools and musical instruments
Students practicing yoga at Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony Bliss Balls and drum
Prepared Guatemalan cacao with musical instruments for cacao ceremony in Guatemala

Short History of Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao has been used for centuries by the indigenous cultures of Central and South America.  The Olmec used Cacao for ceremony and as medicine.  The Mayan tell us that the Cacao was a gift from a deity and that the Spirit of Cacao is conjured up when drinking Cacao in Ceremony.  The Mayan used Cacao for Ceremony, medicine and personal consumption.  The Aztec later increased the use of Cacao and began to incorporate Cacao into the diet of the population.  Cacao could not be easily grown in the regions of the Aztec cities so the areas of Aztec conquest that could grow Cacao supplied the growing need for Cacao.  Cacao soon becomes used as a form of currency and trade.

When the Spanish first conquered the expansive civilization of the Aztec they understood that Cacao had an innate power and it was brought as gifts to the King and Queen of Europe.  Little was known about the use of Cacao by the Indigenous as the conquerors were quick to suppress the practices of the indigenous people.  The Mayan word chocolātl eventually becomes the word Chocolate.

Through the centuries, with the growth and popularity of Coc-OA (an alkalized by-product of Cac-AO) used in chocolate bars, has fueled a rising demand for Cacao.  The agriculture industries selected the quicker growing, large bean producing strains; Forrestero & Trinitario to use for mass production.  Much of the world’s Cacao supply is grown in Africa and Indonesia where Cacao is not native.  Overtime, Cacao’s genetics have been bred down and now less than 1% of the worlds Cacao is the strain we call Criollo.

The practices of Cacao being used in ceremony would be lost to antiquity if not for a few tribes and families who still use Cacao ceremonially.  They are scattered throughout the natural growing region of Cacao; Central America and the Northern half of South America.

Cacao originates in the Amazon jungle of current day Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.  We source our High Content Criollo Cacao from the highlands of Guatemala.  Generations after being first introduced to Guatemala, the small bean Criollo developed.  Criollo is unique in that it has the highest concentration of Anandamide and Theobromine, two of the many psycho-active ingredients that give Cacao its power “scientifically.”  The energy and the Spirit of Cacao are what make the plant a powerful healing medicine.

Although many farms around the world claim to produce “Criollo” Cacao, it is almost impossible to produce 100% Criollo because each Cacao Pod can produce Cacao Beans of varying percentages of Forrestero, Trinitario and Criollo. We have found the Cacao that is grown deep in the highlands of Guatemala to contain the highest percentage of Criollo Cacao providing a potency to facilitate deep connection. We are grateful to source our Cacao from this powerful land!

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