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Kristen Srimati Hughes, E-500hr

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Kristen “Srimati Love” Hughes E-RYT 500

SriMati Love, also known as Sri Ma, is an expression of pure radiance. She emanates the light of Source as a beacon of change for the future generations.  Traveling from South Carolina, her journey has taken her on a wild and intimate experience with Spirit. Guided by her Spirit Teams, Councils, and Higher Self, she has found her way into the lands of Bali where she now calls home.

Sri’s Yoga experience began at the age of 15, diving into the ailing of yoga at a young age. Her journey took off in college as a daily practice and support for challenging times as a young woman amidst a society of conformity. Through the dedication and practice of yoga, she found her self more complete and whole than ever before. In this she has committed her life to serving all of Humanity through the devotional practices of yoga, Bhakti, dance, energy, and sound.

Upon completion of her 200 hr YTT, and Reiki Certification at the age of 20, she immersed herself in a variety of styles of Yoga and healing arts modalities such as Anusara, Jivamukti, Prana Flow, Alignment Flow, Forrest Yoga, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu Massage, Lymphatic and abdominal Massage and so much more. Coming from the lineage of Hatha Raja yoga, her teachers lineage from Swami Satchitananda set her up for the discovery of a lifetime. Honoring each teacher as a wisdom keeper, transmissions from her teachers teachers, masters, and many revered ascended ones began to awake her soul and teach her the power of yoga. Through the body practices of Asana she studied and learned from some of the top teachers around the world.

After diving into the practices and teaching styles of yoga and healing arts she yearned for something more—knew that something more was around the corner. Years later Sri found herself studying the ancient practices of shamanic journeying and shamanic healing hearts deep within the heart of Guatemala and the Andes of Peru. She knew that the guidance from her Spirit teams, guides and animals were leading her to the synergistic union of Earth Medicine Practices and the Heart of Yoga from India.

The unquenching thirst to unite with the light of all that is led her to develop an intimate relationship with drumming, sound, vocal practices, and the art of channeling light frequencies from Source itself. She loves to provide a high vibes space that is both grounded in the ancient ways of yoga and shamanic arts, as well as open up a space for sound and light to be the bridge of conspicuousness to discover your own magic.

One of her most exciting and new offerings into the world is as an akashic Librarian. In this way she can bring the infinite space of potential that is YOU (the Akash) into your hands and into your hearts through the transmissions of source codes both on and off the mat.

Sri’s classes are inspired by her love for movement and her love for the breath. In this way classes are dynamic, fun, yet fully rooted in the union of energy within the divine intelligence of the body. She is continuously inspired in how the harmonic nature of how body, mind, spirit, and pure raw creator energy merge into the radiant form of the body.

It is her prayer for all beings to awaken to their fullest potential of embodiment. To remember that they too are the power of the cosmos and that through their own discovery of how energy moves in the body through awareness, focus, and a dash of play— all of the power of our infinite potential can be housing the temple of our divine forms.

She is a tantrika at heart, a lover of life, and a conduit of light for the service of Spirit for all beings. It is a joy for her to share her practice with you.

“Come and dip your toes in the waters of what is possible. Remember that you too are an infinite creator being of Source, and through your own dedication and devotion to the practice of yoga itself—the union of all that you are is inevitable.”  Om shanti ~ Srimati Love

Certifications and Accreditations

  • over 2000 hours of experience facilitating Yoga Teacher Training Programs around the world*
  • E-RYT 500 hour and Lead Yoga Teacher Training
  • 100 hr Yin Yoga Training
  • 100 hour Restorative Yoga Training
  • 70 hour Therapeutics Yoga Immersion
  • Reiki Master, teacher and Facilitator
  • Shiatsu, Lymphatic, and Abdominal Massage Therapist
  • Crystal Healing Training
  • Akashic Records Reader
  • 2- 3 Week sound Healing Trainings and Immersion
  • Shamanic Arts Practitioner and Facilitator of Sacred Ceremony
Srimati, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Srimati, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Srimati, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator in tree pose, or vriksasana
Srimati, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
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