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Lindsay Foreman, E-500hr

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Lindsay Foreman E-RYT500 empowers student to trust in their body, find their authentic expression and follow their intuition. Her approach to yoga is real, raw and heartfelt. Each class is a transformational journey for the body, mind and spirit.

Lindsay believes that when we consciously breathe we surrender to the present moment, we let go of what has been holding us back. Our breath helps us shift into a space of accepting and honoring our selves. From this state of being, we are able to open to the growth and freedom we wish to achieve.

Yoga has taught Lindsay that we have the power to change ourselves, our experiences and our world just by the power of a conscious breath. Her yoga classes are designed to help you believe in yourself. She helps you discover your intuition, your strength, and reminds you of your most powerful gifts you have to offer such as love and compassion. Yoga makes us feel good and inspired; when we share these feelings with our friends, lovers and even strangers, we are helping to make this world a more conscious and compassionate place to call home.

Through teaching yoga she hopes to create communities that are inspired to initiate the change we need to make this world a better place.

She believes this global shift starts with you, with your breath, on your mat.

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