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Dragonfly Village, set amidst the lush green rice fields, is an oasis of tranquility in bustling Ubud. Palm trees line each sunrise and sunset against the beautiful backdrop of sacred Mt Agung and the northern mountain ranges in the distance. Dragonflys represent metamorphosis and transformation. The main symbolisms are renewals, adaptability, grace and positive force. They fly abundantly here in the rice field, a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. A creature of the wind, that represents change, and knows it must live life to the fullest with the short life it has. Dragonflies are courage and they are the power of life.


Dragonfly Village focuses their energy on living simply and consciously within an organic environment. The accommodations are century-old antique bungalows, original wooden houses brought over from remote villages in Java, decorated with beautiful carvings, 100% recycled teak wood. All balconies are facing the rice fields, with their own private outdoor garden.  Conscious living is encouraged, this is the perfect place for those who enjoy being in nature, healing and learning.

Each bungalow has an attached mud-wall bathroom, passion fruits & vines climbing over the natural roof, semi-open to nature. Hot shower is available. All rooms are supplied with natural organic shampoo, soap and insect repellent. The beds and furniture are specially designed, made from recycled wood plough, which the farmers used with the buffaloes to plough the rice fields before.

Only a short walk away from the center Ubud, but tucked away from the action, Dragonfly Village offers the best of both worlds.

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