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Below you will find our Curriculum in 6 Sections

Asana & Meditation Practice

Yoga Philosophy ~ Sutras

Spiritual Intention & Special Topics

Art of Teaching ~ Art of Alignment & Assist

Yoga Anatomy

Details on Assignments Due

Not all of the classes will be available to view right away.  If there is no video or link the class is pending and will be available here as soon as possible.

Suggested Daily Schedule

Our Suggested Daily Schedule will help to offer self guidance on the pace of the course.  If you completed each task, each day you will receive your certification in 40 days.  For those who need more time to complete the course, you can still follow the order of classes found in the Suggested Schedule.

Live Class Calendar

You can find the links to access our Live Zoom classes listed on our Google Calendar.  We suggest that you try to make it to all the Live Classes but they will be recorded with links to the recorded videos available below in the Curriculum Section.

Connecting with a Facilitator

5 Day Check-In’s

We will be having regular Live Check-In’s every 5 days.  During these Check-Ins you will be able to ask and hear other questions about any topic of discussion.  It will be important for you to keep track of your questions in your journal so that you may ask them at Check-Ins.  We will also use this time to focus on questions about the Art of Teaching, Alignment & Assists.

Spirit Guide

Each student will be assigned to a teacher on our facilitation team and that teacher will be your point of contact throughout the course. They will be checking in with you regularly with course updates, assignments, readings, support, guidance and inspiration.  This will be your person to turn to throughout the course if questions arise. You should be expecting to hear from your Spirit Guide in the coming days as they send an introductory email connecting your group.  We hope this brings a more personal feeling and deeper connection to your experience. 

Technical Support

For Tech Support, questions about payments, questions about SPY or YA please continue to email us at Info@sacredpathsyoga.com

If you are having a hard time accessing videos periodically signing out of your account and then signing back in can often help to fix some technical problems.

Password for all RECORDED & LIVE Zoom Classes:


Online Course Curriculum

Course Intro Video

Opening Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Check In 1 

Check In 2 

Check In 3 

Check In 4

Check In 5 

Check In 6 

Check In 7 

Cycles 1 & 2

Meditation I

 Beginner Meditation

Breath & Body Awareness

Asana Practice I

Sacred Paths Vinyasa Flow

w/ Standing 1 & 2

Meditation II

 Beginner Meditation

Breath Awareness & Stambha Stillness

Asana Practice II

Sacred Paths Vinyasa Flow

w/ Standing 3 & 4

Meditation III

Observing Thoughts as a Cloud

Live Asana Practice w. Lacey


Meditation IV

Water Visualization

Meditation V

Manipura Chakra Meditation

Cycles 3 & 4

Hatha Yoga w. Darin

Hatha Yoga w. Lacey

Yin Yoga w. Lacey

Hatha Live Class w/ Darin (Date)

Hatha Yoga – Elemental Flow 1

Hatha Yoga – Elemental Flow 2

Meditation – Lotus Mudra

Hatha Yoga – Heart Center Creative Flow

We suggest to follow the order of classes in our Suggested Schedule.  Here the videos will be listed in order by Cycle.

Zoom Recordings Password:  a108108!

Earth Cycle I


Shamanism & Yoga

Meditation 101


Om & Intro To Sanskrit

Yoga Mythology


Letting Go Class

Om Bath

Letting Go Ceremony

Water Cycle II


Intro to Water Cycle

Water Blessing Closing Ceremony

Qigong Energy

Qigong Standing Meditations


Past Life Regression

Non-Violent Communication

Ethics & Trauma Informed Language

Fire Cycle III


Intro to Fire Element

Prana Tapas Tejas Ojas

Yogic Diet, 3 Gunas & Digestion



Bliss of Kirtan & Mantra


Discovering Your Passion

Air Cycle IV


Intro to Air

Vayus Koshas

Theming Asana Classes

Vinyasa Krama Wise Sequencing


Posture Playshop

Creative, I am Becoming Journey

Prenatal Yoga


Manifestation Class

Manifestation Ceremony

Yoga in the Marketplace

Sacred Paths Yoga | Yoga Sutras Video Series

What you will need:    Pen, Notebook, Yoga Sutras Book & SPY YTT Manual

Yoga Sutras Video I

Introduction & Sutras 1.1 – 1.4

Yoga Sutras Video II

Sutras 1.5 – 1.16 & Sutras 1.29 -1.39

Live Q&A 1 | DATE


Yoga Sutras Video III

Sutras 2.1 – 2.12 & Sutras 2.28 – 3.3

Yoga Sutras Video IV

Sutras Book III & IV

Art of Teaching Intro Lecture

Art of Alignment/Assist Intro Lecture

Art of Teaching – Pranayama

Short Video on Chatturanga Flow

Art of Teaching – Seated & Kneeling Warmups

Art of Alignment/Assist – Seated, Kneeling, 8 Limb, Cobra, Childs

Art of Teaching – Sun Salutations A & B

Art of Alignment/Assist – Downward Facing Dog, Chatturanga, Tadasana

Art of Teaching – Standing Seq 1 – 4

Art of Alignment/Assist – Standing Seq 1 – 4

Art of Teaching – Standing Balance, Pigeon, Crow

Art of Alignment/Assist – Tree, Dancer, Pigeon, Crow

Art of Teaching – Seated Sequence

Art of Alignment/Assist – Seated Sequence

Art of Teaching – Closing Sequence

Art of Alignment/Assist – Headstand, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Bridge, Wheel

Art of Teaching – Supine & Savasana

Art of Alignment/Assist – Supine Twist, Happy Baby, Butterfly, Savasana

Hatha Yoga

Art of Teaching – Hatha Yoga

Restorative & Yin Yoga

Art of Teaching – Restorative Yoga

Art of Teaching/Assist  – Yin Yoga

There are 4 Assignments Due throughout the course.

Please submit all assignments directly to your Spirit Guide.

Guru Paper

Due at the end of the First Cycle

Write a 1 – 2 page paper on any Guru/teacher of your choice that has been an inspiration in your life.  This can be anyone, it does not have to be a known “Guru.”  It can be a family member, friend, acquaintance or a well known teacher.  Include why you feel this individual has been an inspiration.

Peer Teaching I

Due at the end of the Second Cycle

In this first Peer Teaching round you will be teaching the Sacred Paths Yoga Vinyasa Flow Sequence as shared in the videos and the manual. You can teach a family member or friend in person or you can also connect with another student and teach via Zoom.   

You will be sending your Spirit Guide a 20 minute or longer video of your class for feedback.  

Please remember to: 

  • Include all Pranayama practices.  
  • Only teach your choice of 2 out of the 4 Standing Sequences found in the manual
  • You may need to adapt the practice to the needs of your student 
  • Practice all teaching styles including:
    • Physical Demonstration
    • Verbal Cueing with No Demonstration
    • Verbal Cueing with Demonstration
    • Hands on Assists & Adjustments
  • Open and Close class with intention, Om, or…


How to Record Your Peer Teaching..

  • One of the easiest ways we have found is to record the video on your phone or computer and share via iCloud Link
  • Another way to share a large file from your computer is to use WeTransfer 
  • You can also send your video via Google Drive
  • It is also possible to share videos through WhatsApp

Anatomy Pose Presentation

Due at the end of the Third Cycle

For our Anatomy Pose Presentation, you will choose One Yoga Asana Posture to present in depth via recorded video. You can record a video presentation or create a slide show presentation and send us a link to view. You can be as creative as you like!

For the Anatomy Pose Presentation please include:

  • Sanskrit Name
  • Benefits
  • Contraindications
  • Alignment
  • Variations
  • Modifications
  • Major Muscles
  • Why Did You Choose This Pose?
  • Story behind the pose (if there is a story)

Peer Teaching II

Due at the end of the Fourth Cycle

In the second Peer Teaching you will be guiding a 90 minute yoga asana class of your choice!  You can design a class using any of the styles we have gone over including but not limited to hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin & nidra. You also have the choice of using any of the yoga sequences we have shared. This is an opportunity to begin the practice of designing and teaching a class that is a reflection of you.  

Please send your Spirit Guide a 20 minute or longer clip of your class. 

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