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Online Course Curriculum

Meditation I

 Beginner Meditation

Breath & Body Awareness

Meditation II

 Beginner Meditation

Breath Awareness & Stambha Stillness

Meditation III

Observing Thoughts as a Cloud

Asana Practice I

Sacred Paths Vinyasa Flow

w/ Standing 1 & 2

Asana Practice II

Sacred Paths Vinyasa Flow

w/ Standing 3 & 4

Meditation IV

Water Visualization

Meditation V

Manipura Chakra Meditation

Hatha Yoga w. Darin

Hatha Yoga w. Lacey

Yoga Nidra – Audio Playlist

Yin Yoga w. Lacey

Hatha Yoga – Elemental Flow 1

Hatha Yoga – Elemental Flow 2

Meditation – Lotus Mudra

Hatha Yoga – Heart Center Creative Flow

Sacred Paths Yoga | Yoga Sutras Video Series

Yoga Sutras Video I

Introduction & Sutras 1.1 – 1.4

Yoga Sutras Video II

Sutras 1.5 – 1.16 & Sutras 1.29 -1.39

Yoga Sutras Video IV

Sutras Book III & IV

Art of Teaching Intro Lecture

Art of Alignment/Assist Intro Lecture

Art of Teaching – Pranayama

Short Video on Chatturanga Flow

Art of Teaching – Seated & Kneeling Warmups

Art of Alignment/Assist – Seated, Kneeling, 8 Limb, Cobra, Childs

Art of Teaching – Sun Salutations A & B

Art of Alignment/Assist – Downward Facing Dog, Chatturanga, Tadasana

Art of Teaching – Standing Seq 1 – 4

Art of Alignment/Assist – Standing Seq 1 – 4

Art of Teaching – Standing Balance, Pigeon, Crow

Art of Alignment/Assist – Tree, Dancer, Pigeon, Crow

Art of Teaching – Seated Sequence

Art of Alignment/Assist – Seated Sequence

Art of Teaching – Closing Sequence

Art of Alignment/Assist – Headstand, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Bridge, Wheel

Art of Teaching – Supine & Savasana

Art of Alignment/Assist – Supine Twist, Happy Baby, Butterfly, Savasana

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