Past Life Regression Facilitator Training

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25hr Facilitator Certificate + YACEP

Dec 4 – Dec 6, 2020

25hr Past Life Regression Facilitator Training

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

25 hour weekend journey into the techniques and practices, teaching methodology, and philosophy of Past Life Regressions with Sacred Paths Facilitator Colynn Vosburgh


  • Colynn Vosburgh
    Colynn Vosburgh

    “I have been offering Past Life Regressions for several years now and during that time I have supported and witnessed many transformations, journeys and insights. The impact of this work on the participants is profound and I believe it could support healing on a larger level if more people were offering it.  I am inspired to share this practice with you.”

    What to Expect

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    • Several Past Life Regressions with appropriate feedback (best way to learn is do, buckle up)
    • Setting up the Space
    • Setting up the Class
    • Holding Space
    • How to ‘coach’ in the shares
    • Meditation and Induction
    • Brainwaves Anatomy
    • Script
    • Business of PLRs
    • Manual

    Our 25 hr Past Life Regressions Facilitator Training is a 3-day weekend journey. You must join all the live sessions to complete the course.

    Fri Dec 4 | 5 pm – 9 pm

    Sat Dec 5 | 9 am – 5 pm

    Sun Dec 6 | 9 am – 5 pm

    Upon completion of the coursework and evaluation, participants will receive a certification of completion for 25hr Past Life Regressions Facilitator Course.  For those that are Yoga teachers this will then enable you to register with Yoga Alliance for Continuing Education Credits (YACEP.)

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    We view yoga as a spiritual practice, as a path to self-realization, union, bliss, conscious connection, deepened awareness and mindful living. Throughout this process we explore different paths to Union including movement, song, dance, chanting, ceremony and more! In this journey, we embody yogic living, fully immersing ourselves in the experience of living and breathing this practice on and off our mat with our beloved community as our unwaivering support system. This path asks for dedication, discipline and courage to look deep within to uncover our truth and our own authentic connection. Without our daily distractions, habits and patterns, a new way of perceiving the world is revealed.

    Everyone is accepted, supported and encouraged through their process. Through our community we create a comfortable safe space to facilitate growth and expansion on all levels.


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    Pay In Full

    $500 USD


    •  25% Deposit
    • Full Payment 30 days before course start date

    Past Life Regression Facilitator Course

    Past Life Training Prerequisites

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    Our 25hr Past Life Regressions Facilitator program is open to all those interested.  This course is not only developed for those who are yoga teachers but also for those who have intention to deepen their own knowledge and practice.  To step into a spiritual journey of soul and to heal, reveal and awaken.

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