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Alexa Rae Wilde

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Alexa Rae Wilde E-RYT 500 finds deep purpose in sharing the practices of yoga, expressive movement, authentic human connection, and earth medicines as useful tools along the path towards self-discovery. 

Influenced by a background in professional dance, circus arts, psychology studies, and medicine work, Alexa’s leadership style invites opportunities to harness creative energy and channel emotions into a state of flow. 

She aims to create environments where we can access our innate wisdom, cultivate self-love, and develop a personal relationship with Spirit. 

Tapping into the playful potential of modern asana practices and guided by theories of neurobiology, she has pioneered an aerial yoga teacher training program and also leads classes in acro yoga, ecstatic dance, aerial silks, and lyra.  

Alexa holds a diploma in Addiction Studies and Community Health and is invested in completing her undergraduate degree in Counselling Psychology. Her experience providing psychological crisis support and ongoing interest in integration work is motivated by a call to walk with compassion alongside those who are wrestling with their shadows. 

Alexa feels honoured by the opportunity to host classes, workshops, fundraisers, and trainings both in her Canadian home base and globally. She grows deeper in love with the practice as its layers continuously unfold and remains always grateful for the beautiful people who share their gifts and lessons along the way. 

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