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Javiera Palacios, E-RYT500

The mirror of my life…

The day I stood on my mat and began to have a sacred, unique, authentic encounter with myself, was when I decided to invite yoga into my life.That moment when I gave myself the opportunity to go on an inner journey to know myself a little more, became my therapy and my great teacher and still is to this day.

For me yoga is the reflection of life, so many beautiful things happen on the mat, there is so much personal growth and teachings that can be put into practice outside the mat, and that is what makes me come back with open arms to receive new points of view and continue this great learning.

Colors and the range of grays are present in the flow of the practice, and that is what I am grateful for today, to realize that through this millenary practice many people can be helped.

Each person that has come to me (both in my personal life and in my classes) I see them as my teachers and from them I continue to be inspired to be a better person. Hope to meet you soon on the mat.

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