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Jeanette Steiner, 500 hour RYT

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Jeanette Steiner is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of training with a registered school. She formally invested 150 hours of study with Rising Lotus Yoga in Los Angeles, 200 hours online with Sampoorna Yoga out of Goa, India and 300 hours with Sacred Paths Yoga in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. She found this benevolent practice in her college days and 20 years later, is proud to lead others in their own discovery. 

After a long-standing love of movement practices like Taekwondo, classical dance and various athletics, yoga drew her inward. She enjoys yoga asana as a means to self awareness, acceptance and ultimately, liberation. Being in yogic spaces is important to her because people can come as they are and grow in the humbling, inspiring company of others. When she is not leading yoga, Jeanette manages a private massage practice, called Folk Feminine, on Martha’s Vineyard and cultivates soulful, self-care practices via a monthly newsletter to the “Tend Her Tribe,” her cyber circle of sisterhood. 

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