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Sam Bianchini, E-500hr

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Sam Bianchini 500hr RYT From what seems like birth, Sam has harnessed a passionate creativity and sought a deeper connection to the Divine. Growing up a performing artist in Chicago and then LA, she was introduced to yoga in 2005 during her training as an actor, and knew immediately this practice was what she had been searching for.

She studied in the lineage of Tantra (via lineage of Rod Stryker and Pandit-ji), and her trainings draw extensively from the Sri Vidya, Forrest Yoga, Para Yoga, Bhakti, Ayurveda, and Wise Feminine and Shamanic Practices. She began her teaching career in Los Angeles 10 years ago, where her classes quickly became sought after spiritual and community sanctuaries.

Sam has taught all around the world, offering workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. She facilitates Yoga and Wellness retreats, offers a variety of deep and rich workshops and ceremonies, and Continuing Education Trainings. She is a ceremony facilitator, medicine carrier, energy worker, and sacred songstress. She has studied for a over decade with yogis, healers, and medicine people from many different lineages all over the world. Her work offers space for authentic healing, heart opening, and personal transformation, all with loving gratitude and humility and humble reverence to her teachers.

Outside of the studio, she is an actress, director, producer, musician, and writer, as well as a lover of great wine, wolves, Tom Waits, Tom Robbins, Leonard Cohen, and her furry best friend, Guy.

Drawing inspiration from Ancient texts to native traditions to modern literature, Sam’s yoga classes are warm, inspiring, poetic and soulful. She is known best for her communal classes that are held in the style of a deeply spiritual ceremony. She draws extensively from the teachings of Tantra, and encourages an equal and harmonious balance of spiritual fulfillment and worldly fulfillment.

Sam is also fiercely committed to making yoga for all beings, and to actively decolonizing yoga in the west, as well as bringing awareness to the very needed anti-racism work in the yoga and healing world to make yoga available for all our relations.

She absolutely loves sharing yoga and the secrets of unlocking the body as a pathway to the soul, and looks forward to sharing with you

Sam Bianchini Standing with guitar
Sam Bianchini, Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator
Sam Bianchini at sunset
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