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The village where we host our Morocco program is called Imiouaddar by the locals but more commonly known as “Paradise Plage”. The name lends itself honestly as this is surely paradise found. A small fisher village directly at the ocean and Anti Atlas Mountain, this is the perfect location for exploring in a safe and peaceful environment. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Morocco are exotic and create the perfect setting to discover new teachings, insights and passions and to reconnect with your sense of Self.

Stimulate your spirit to explore the depths of the unknown as you step out of your comfort zone and into the realm of mystery and enchantment. We will not only explore ancient yogic teachings but also the mystical, spiritual and healing traditions of this land including studies on the ancient sufis. The sufi is one who is a lover of Truth, who by means of love and devotion moves towards the Truth, towards the perfection which all are truly seeking through the many paths of music, dance, poetry and beyond. With the ocean to lend us her strength and power, we set intention to peel away the layers and reveal our truth. This training is sure to leave you feeling empowered on your spiritual quest!

Located right at the famous Paradis Plage, one of the longest and most pristine beaches in the area, surrounded by the stunning Anti Atlas mountains with its protected forest zone, the landscape is majestic and awe-inspiring. Morocco offers an ancient and rich culture that provides a colorful mosaic of spirituality, music, dance, art, food, architecture and language that is unparalleled. This melting pot of culture, language and history has created one of the most authentic, most compelling and most beautiful places in the world. We invite you to connect with the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth and her inhabitants to ignite your inspiration and to awaken to your own authenticity!


  • Enliven your spirit and awaken to inspiration
  • Step out of your comfort zone to shift your perspective
  • Go deep into your process of self transformation as we peel away the layers to reveal your soul’s calling
  • Learn to teach from a broadened perspective as we connect to ancient practices and experience yogic living
  • Feel yourself become empowered as you step into your power and truth
  • Experience the purification and healing power of the ocean
  • Daily meditation, yoga, spiritual lessons
  • Music, Dance and Ceremony
  • Becoming a certified yoga teacher! (Yoga Alliance approved)
  • Temescal (sacred sweat lodge ceremony)
  • World class surf breaks
  • Exotic vegetarian cuisine to ignite your senses
  • Silent walks through the Anti Atlas mountains or along the beach
  • Experience Surfing, Horse Riding, Camel riding or SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) to connect with oneness and flow
  • Optional excursions on days off (Paradise Valley/ Essaouira/ Marrakesh. Agadir Souk)

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Dfrost Almugar’s Villa Surya is a boutique villa that will transport you to another world with its exquisite handmade Arabic and Berber architecture, fragrant flowered gardens, unwinding sun-deck, sunset watch-out, charmful rooms, relaxing hot tub, Sauna and a kitchen full of exotic delights.

Shala is a Sanskrit word for home, the Yoga Shala at Villa Surya was created with this in mind and is exactly how you feel from the moment you step inside. This is a sacred and safe space to heal and transform. Situated on the rooftop of the villa, the Shala benefits from panoramic views of the surroundings, from the rugged mountains at the back to the crashing waves of the ocean to the front, so no matter what posture you find yourself in you will always be greeted with the natural beauty of our Moroccan landscape.

Each room is decorated uniquely in a Moroccan style. The ground is made of the so-called “beldi” (natural) handcrafted stones. The handmade wooden beds are what dreams are made of. The rooms are equipped with different light systems to make for every moment the right atmosphere.

Here you will experience delicious exotic vegetarian cuisine to ignite your senses.  The vegetables are delivered from an eco-agricultural place near Sidi-Ifni to ensure healthy nutrition and our fruits come from the local souk in Agadir. Everything is served and prepared with love.

Website: Villa Surya

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