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Pristine. Connected. Transformative.

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Our transformative Turkey offerings cultivate a deep connection to nature as we explore the healing effects of sacred practices. This location focuses on personal transformation, growth and healing and will leave you feeling cleansed and empowered. We invite you to embark upon this powerful journey with us as we explore the mysteries of our own heart, guided by the Earth Elements, which allows us to peel away the layers and awaken to our soul’s purpose. Insights, breakthroughs and revelations abound supported by this magical land.
Our offerings in Turkey are hosted at the pristine, Bonjuk Bay. This is an intentional retreat center founded to create a new habitat for like-minded people to celebrate life through learning, sharing, creativity, personal development and self-expression. Great music, creative arts, gastronomy and physical activities are part of daily life in Bonjuk Bay. We come to Bonjuk Bay to connect with our true self as well as the nature and each other. Eating meals together, engaging in daily activities and making new friends is part of the experience to promote a sense of community. Yet there are many hidden corners to escape when we feel the urge for privacy. Whatever your choice may be, the intention is to leave Bonjuk Bay inspired and transformed.


  • Enliven your spirit and awaken to inspiration
  • Tap into the Earth Elements along the Mediterranean Sea
  • Go deep into your process of self transformation as we peel away the layers to reveal your soul’s calling
  • Experience yogic living and connect to nature
  • Feel yourself become empowered as you step into your power and truth
  • Embark upon a journey of personal transformation, growth and healing
  • Live in supportive community and oneness
  • Experience the purification and healing power of the ocean
  • Daily meditation, yoga, spiritual lessons
  • Music, Dance, Cacao and Ceremony
  • Silent walks along the private beach
  • Experience SUP, windsurf, kayaking, kitesurf, snorkeling, swimming, yoga, agro-tourism, hiking, jogging, biking, horseback riding, paragliding, kitesurf to connect with flow
  • Private bay/beach, farm, forest and animals
  • Seclusion: 10 minutes from closest village.
  • Yet very accessible: only 25 min from Marmaris and Akyaka resort towns, and 1hr Dalaman International Airport
  • Organic fresh produce vegetables, fruits and herbs, fresh eggs and milk
  • Comfortable glamping accommodation with tents and rooms!

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The intention at Bonjuk Bay is based on a genuine experience of nature. Bonjuk is an unspoiled piece of nature whose bounty is being made available to ecologically conscious guests.

Developed around the concept of “glamping” or “glamorous camping”, Bonjuk offers its guests direct and deep contact with nature in a comfortable setting. They believe that privacy and seclusion in a magnificent piece of nature is the ultimate luxury. With this principle in mind, they aim to offer their guests charm, refinement and a discreet elegance in every detail.

Bonjuk has been designed to attract that very special traveler who is running away from the crowds in search of a pleasurable experience of nature. Seeking comfort but not over the top luxury, their guests are curiously alive individuals who can see and enjoy the bounties that nature offers so unassumingly.

Bonjuk is where the world of urgency ends and the return to nature, our true nature, begins. We promise you’ll go back home transformed and feeling that Bonjuk is the one home you’ll always miss being away from.

Website: Bonjuk Bay

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