Fall Reset – Balancing Practices

Can you feel it?  The change of seasons and shift of energy as the first hints of fall are in the air?  The days are becoming shorter, the earth is becoming cool and dry and we are transitioning from the intense energy of summer to the grounding energy of winter. The energy of this season invites us to take some time to slow down and reset. This is a season of movement and transition so it is the perfect time to establish routine and cultivate grounding practices that restore balance. Here are three practices to balance the mobility of this season and to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

1) Self-Abhyanga

This is an Ayurvedic practice that brings nourishment and vitality to our body through self massage with warming oils. It is a beautiful way to incorporate self love and care into your body, honoring your body as the temple in which your soul resides.  Not only will this practice moisturize your skin, combatting the effects of cool crisp temperatures, it also increases circulation, calms the nervous system and can have a grounding effect. In the Fall, it is best to use warm, heavy oils such as sesame or almond oil.

2) Durga Pranayama

With a calm intentional breath, we can cultivate a calm steady mind. Durga Pranayama, or Three Part Yogic Breath, is a breathing practice that calms the nervous system and can help in cultivating stability in this season of change. To practice, find a comfortable seated position or practice lying down in savasana.  Bring awareness to your breath. Begin to breathe in, allowing the breath to move in three parts: first filling your belly, then your diaphragm and then your chest. Pause briefly at the top of your inhale, and then exhale down, releasing your breath from your chest, then your diaphragm and then your belly. Pause briefly at the bottom of your exhale, and then begin again with another round: inhaling up in three parts, pausing and then exhaling down in three parts.  Practice 3-5 rounds and increase the number of rounds as you feel ready. Enjoy the effects of a quiet mind and relaxed body.

3) Yoga: Slow and Receptive

The Fall season invites us to slow down. Grounding yoga practices such as Restorative, Yin or even gentle Hatha Yoga will help to balance restless energy and cultivate stability and calmness in the mind.  By slowing down, we can invite in a more receptive quality to process any shifts and changes that are occurring within us and all around us. Practice grounding postures such as Viparita Karani, Paschimottanasana or Tadasana to calm your energy, invoke stillness and open up to receive balance, harmony and bliss in this beautiful Fall season!



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