Mentorship Program

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3 Month Yoga Mentorship Program

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Three months of Inner Exploration, Commitment, REdiscovery and fully aligned EMPOWERMENT are calling you!  The Sacred Paths Yoga Mentorship Program is designed to provide guidance and support on your continued journey. This program is for those souls who are ready to take the next step on their spiritual journey or for those who have completed their yoga teacher training and are ready to deepen their commitment to their path. A three month intensive is a great way to dive deep into your success as a teacher in the world. The most successful teachers and guides in the world had support in their corner, rooting them on and guiding their steps along the way! Your mentor will provide all the support you need to be the best version of yourself.

This three month journey will provide upgrades on all levels of existence in order to experience a renewed sense of purpose, faith and inner knowing. It will provide a firm foundation of yogic teachings and practices that most interest and excite you. It will give rise to the most successful and confident teacher and facilitator of the path of yoga that you wish to be! It will provide an opportunity for breakthrough and growth so that your dreams, visions and desires will come into fruition. We offer a space of deep listening so that each voice and request of YOU may be heard, recognized, and acknowledged. We will provide tools to empower YOU to not only experience continued growth in your yoga practice, but to begin implementing new rituals and practices to create effective change and potential for future transformation and success! This program is designed for each individual’s needs and we provide ongoing support and guidance so that you may feel held throughout the entire journey.

“Here you will find all of the pearls of wisdom leading you home to your own heart. Come, experience and receive the initiations of a lifetime!”


What to Expect

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Module 1:  EXPLORE

In Module 1,  you will have the opportunity to openly explore and express your needs, desires, intentions, and goals.


  • Why are you here?


  • What has called you to this moment?


  • How can you express your highest level expression in everyday life?

Module 2:  EXPRESS

Module 2 is designed to look at the deeper aspects of soul that wish to be expressed. We will use creative tools to ignite the passions of heart and uncover desires, dreams and visions. Tools will be given to begin activating these dreams into an expressive embodied world. These include:
  • Meditations
  • Sequence building and review
  • Cue-ing and Q & A
  • Philosophy
  • Song Sharing
  • And more!!
In this section of the Apprenticeship program we design the program for YOU by you. You pick the areas you most want to focus on and we break them down together in order to set yourself up for a grounded foundation in your Yoga Path and offerings as a teacher.

Module 3:  EMPOWER

Module 3 is designed to empower YOU.


  • We recap on breakthroughs and accomplishments.


  • We review homework assignments and activities as well as create new pathways in which empowerment can be fully anchored and embodied.


  • This module will be set up in such a way where YOU feel ready to meet the world with a new perspective, feeling fully transformed and excited to bring your essence to the world!

Within the three month container, we will explore the weekly embodiment of each elements within the Natural world, attuning with the vibrations of Nature and our beloved Gaia. Each month will have a different core focus, core theme and each week we will assess how the elements can aid and assist us in the activation of each core theme.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit – all create an alchemy in which we can connect to and tune in to. They are our allies and guides along this journey and the rest to come. Each elemental focus will also include a journey with the Deities of these elements and an exploration of mythology, story and mantra. Your mentor will guide you in how to connect with these energies directly through meditation, visualization, yantra, mudra and channeling.

During the 3 month Mentorship Program you will receive:

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1 Vision Call

This call is designed specifically to acknowledge the call from your highest self that has asked for the upgrade and next level of your life experience. Here we say Yes! and plant seeds for a higher vision. This vision call will anchor in a template for next level transformation. We look at your highest excitements, skills and the areas of your teaching and facilitating that you want to work on to see what wants to be birthed from there.

5 Elements Calls

These calls ground the elements and their deities to share mantra, mudra, yantra and mythology. Here we practice the chants, connect with the energies of Nature and build our skills to deepen our relationship with the elements and the energies of yogic tradition. These calls are more like a live workshop and immersion to the energy of the cycle we are in. Questions are invited and this is an interactive 1-1 learning experience in all the areas and ways you feel most excited about!  5 calls in total.

2 Check-In Calls Per Month (20-30 min)

These calls provide weekly support of the process. This is to access the ongoing growth and provide continued homework for deeper integration and active participation.

2 Mentoring Sessions Per Month

These sessions will assess what steps can be made in your life to actively engage in your process in new and exciting ways. This is where homework is discussed, breakthroughs and accomplishments will be looked at in depth and questions will be answered.

Continued support, exercises and meditations each week geared towards your specific needs and requests!


An Investment in the Sacred Paths Yoga Mentorship program is an investment in YOU. This is a self commitment to becoming all that you are and all that you wish to be during these 3 months and beyond. Remember that an investment in YOU is an investment towards your own Soul Embodiment! The world is asking for YOU to shine your light and be of service in the most brilliant expression that you have to offer.

Let us walk hand in hand through the doors of transformation and celebrate the brand new YOU that is on the way!

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