Reiki Initiations and Level I/II Training

Nov. 25 – 27, 2017

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Welcome to the Path of Reiki

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Along the path of Reiki, we begin to walk the way that is guided by Spirit. This way begins first and foremost as a way for self healing, self love, and compassion for the journey we take with each in-breath and out-breath. As a practice and healing modality, Reiki provides practitioners with the tools to begin creating magic, witnessing magic and seeing magic on a regular basis each and every day.

In order to see magic, one must first believe it to be so.

Rei-Source, spirit, Universal Light, and Ki-universal energy, pure energy, love etc. make up the word Rei-Ki. In this we see that the Energy of Reiki is pure Source – Light Energy. By saying Yes, to this path, one says YES to discovering this truth and light for themselves, within themselves. Little by little the layers fall away, and we begin to see life as an ever unfolding miracle.

What we will cover in these trainings.

  • Upon completion of this workshop you will receive and learn:
    • Reiki Level 1 Initiation (Day 1)
    • Reiki Level 2 Initiation (Day 2)
    • Deeper connection to Source Guidance
    • Meditations and energy exercises
    • Energetic Anatomy and Subtle Body Energy
    • Tools and Processes for tuning in to Higher Guidance and transmitting healing light energy
    • How to heal oneself and others
    • The Laws of Nature, Sacred Patterns and Sacred Symbols
    • Sacred Space : how to open it, call it in and work within it
    • Time and Space Healing (Level 2)
    • Higher Dimensional Shifting Energetic Exploration with Cacao (sacred medicinal chocolate)
    • Practice, Practice, Practice!

And So much more!!


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Level I and II Reiki Trainings are initiations into the world of seeing life as “Energy”. When one becomes initiated, the Source Flow of Creation begins to move through the body and through all aspects of the multidimensional body-vehicle. Here the veils become quite thin, and one has the potential to realize there is more to life than meets the eye. Reiki Initiations and Trainings give students the opportunity to heal themselves, as well as others through the method of hands on healing. This is fundamental to the technique, as it is the energy in our hands that becomes the conduit for Source Light to flow through us.

Throughout the ages, countless healers such as Jesus and Buddha, were known to heal others through the power of hands on healing. In this same way, the tradition of Reiki initiates students into the power of Bio-Energetic Medicine, which transcends cultures throughout time and space.


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Aligned with the energies of deep compassion and unconditional love for all beings, Srimati radiates the light of universal oneness in each and every breath. As a lover of the Earth and steward for the New Earth unfolding, she assists beings in their process of reconnection to walking with spirit in daily life. At the age of 20 she was initiated in the Healing Arts and began walking a path of full service to humanity. Aligned with love, the cosmic heart, and universal light energy, she allows others to access a portal into their infinite wellspring of divine love and light. Srimati blends multiple fields of healing energy to create an alchemy of intuitive guidance and direct transmission.

Source light has been her compass her entire life. Surrounded by helping spirits, Angels, and now cosmic guides, Srimati connects those she meets with the pure light of source. After receiving her Master Attunements, she experienced an awakening to the cosmic realms. This was her preparation for the journey as a conduit and channel of Light Energy. Now, she passes these keys on to all those who which to initiate their own journey of Self Discovery. One of her deepest missions on this planet open hearts, align souls with their highest nature, and assist in guiding lights along their Ascension Journey.

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Other Costs

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  • Transportation to Sacred Valley Peru
  • Ground transport to Sacha Munay
  • Optional body therapies and treatments
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