Peru Yoga Retreat

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2022 Dates TBA!

Peru Shamanic Yoga Retreat

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Indigenous Healers from Mexico, Colombia & Peru

Join us in the highlands of the Andes for a very special Peru Yoga Retreat. Explore the deep connection found through this integrative program as we blend the traditions of Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong with the indigenous knowledge of Plant Medicine and Energetic Healing. This is a powerful program conducted in an intentional and safe environment to do deep healing work for self and humanity.

This December we invite Indigenous Elders from Mexico, Colombia and Peru to join forces in Unified Prayer for our Mother Earth. It is in the times that we must come together to unite the four corners of the world. In peace, love, harmony, and unity we gather in service to our Mother Earth. It is an honor to offer this retreat that serves to invoke radical transformation and healing; healing on a personal level and for the collective. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world-one step at a time.

This journey is one of elemental alchemy and cosmic rediscovery. We spend 10 days immersed in the power of Mother Nature and the beauty that surrounds us.

It is one of our main intentions to gather such a diverse group of Indigenous leaders to bring awareness to the connection our First Nation’s people have with the land. One of our main values in yoga is the practice of Ahimsa- or non- harming. We have seen so much imbalance in our world’s history and now is the time that we can make a change. We can bring balance to our own inner being, as well as to the land itself. By building bridges of awareness through our own walk and daily life, through respect of the land and those who have and are tending to it, and the ancient practices that have been set up before us, we can create a brighter New Earth for our future generations.

If we are to believe we are the ones we waited for, we must align our words, thoughts, and actions into one path of harmony.

This retreat is for those who are ready to hit the reset on their busy lives and RE-connect with the Earth Magic running through every living cell of the body.  Spend 10 days in the Andes of Peru with traditional medicine keepers and their ancient traditions as they open their divine realm to us to experience

Included are three powerful traditional plant ceremonies, each with an intention to experience the elemental realms, and your most authentic self. The Self that is YOU beyond labels, beyond words, beyond forms. It is in these spaces that we can remember who we are, and even why we came here.

10 Days | 9 Nights

Double Room: $2700 USD/per person  

Private Room: $2900 USD

Pricing includes: Accommodation, Meals, Cacao Ceremony, San Pedro (Wachuma) Ceremony, Sound Healing, Q’eros Despacho Ceremony, Temescal (sweat-lodge) Ceremony, Yoga, Qigong, Pranayama, Meditation, Plant Baths, Drum Journey, Daily Lessons, Evening Gatherings, Entry tickets to Machu Picchu, Pisac Market.

Pricing does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from Retreat Center ~ approx. $15 – $20 one way
  • Coca Leaf Readings ~ $60, Massages ~ $60


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Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru, this program offers a powerful place to tap into the wisdom of the land, the ancient culture and the deep inner knowing of our own hearts. This land is considered one of the most powerful energetic centers of the world. We feel its strength and we witness this deep connection to spirit in the land, the people and the harmonious way of living. In this retreat experience, we find a symbiotic blend of ancient indigenous wisdom and yogic teachings to guide you on this path of awakening.

Mornings are spent in quiet and gentle practices of Hatha Yoga, Qigong, and intuitive movement to align the physical body for receptivity of these ancient ways. There was a time were humans were already working in harmony with the Earth. Now we must spend time preparing our body, our breath, and our heart and mind to attune to the frequencies of Her wisdom.

We invite you to embark upon this unique journey as we explore the mysteries of our own heart, guided by the power of elements, which allows us to shed any resistance to our own inner light and awaken to our soul’s purpose. Insights, breakthroughs and revelations abound supported by this magical land. We experience the medicine of this land through traditional Despacho ceremony with Q’ero Elders, traditional Wixarika healing ceremony with Don Antonio and Don Rafa, Traditional Yage from Putumayo Colombia, coca leaf readings, and optional Shamanic Plant Ceremonies offered with trusted local guides. These rituals facilitate personal transformation and healing and will leave you feeling closer to the elements, your own inner Spirit and Mother Earth.

It is our greatest fulfillment to witness the transformation of our friends, family and students as they journey through this life changing experience. And it is a journey, with many challenges, triumphs and insights along the way, a journey that will leave you feeling strong, whole and limitless in your potential, a journey of healing that is cultivated by trusting each perfect moment.

Ceremonial Visit to Machu Picchu w/ Huichol Elders

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For the auspicious Solstice Gateway on December 21, 2021 we are blessed to journey with Don Antonio and Don Rafa from the Wixarika Nation, also known as the Huichols.  The Marekames (medicine men) prepare offerings from their village, and holy water collected from their sacred Springs to bring to the Sacred Mountains of the Andes. To walk with them as they pray for our Mother Earth is a unique and special opportunity. We will experience their traditional Wixarika Healing Ceremony and their plant medicine known as Hikuri, or peyote before our trip to Machu Picchu, preparing us for this powerful time of prayer and alignment. As the last peyote guardians, they carry their traditional ways of over 4000 years old. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience at this special time in history.

Included Ceremonies

  • Traditional Inipi ~ Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Master Teacher Plant Ceremonies held by some of the most exquisite maestros of our time
  • Nightly Yoga Nidra Journeys and Sonic activations for full light body recalibration and Integration
  • San Pedro Wachuma Ceremony
  • A trip to pray and leave offerings at Machu Picchu

Daily Activations May Include

  • Hiking through the Andes with local guides and sacred Toltec breath work practices
  • Journey to the Hotsprings for Mud Clay healings and rituals
  • Hikes in the local mountains for plant harvesting
  • Plant Bath Introductions and Preparations
  • Nightly Fire building
  • Akashic Records Activations and Transmissions
  • Hatha Tantra Yoga
  • Stillpoint Meditation
  • Quantum Healing Journeys
  • Satsang gatherings
  • Daily deep soul rest and integration


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Sacha Munay

Our Peru Yoga and Plant Ceremony Retreat is hosted at Sacha Munay Retreat Center.  Our retreat center offers amazing views of the Andes and is yogicly curated throughout.  We have our own private space including Yoga Maloka (temple) for classes and ceremonies.

Peru Yoga Retreat Hacienda
Peru Yoga Retreat Room 1
Peru Retreat 2018 Group Photo inside temple maloka


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Throughout this retreat, we will enjoy fresh abundant vegetarian Peruvian food cooked with love by our wonderful kitchen staff. The fresh salads and fruit (grown onsite in the organic gardens), quinoa, varieties of potatoes, corn, squash and hearty Andean soups will leave you feeling cleansed and nourished.  Our meals will also be catered to the Shamanic Plant Ceremony diet to help prepare our bodies and minds for the Shamanic Journeys.

Munay Food 4
Sacha Munay Food 1
Sacha Munay Food 3
Sacha Munay Food 2


Dec 14 – 23, 2021

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How can we find more ways to pause, to witness beauty, to appreciate the miracle of life, to connect back into our true nature and to live intentionally?  There are many ways to incorporate ceremony into our daily lives. We offer ceremony as an opportunity to slow down to appreciate what is right in front of us and to offer gratitude to the Earth, Sky and Spirit.  We will discover how to bring ceremony into every moment and witness the beauty of life unfold.

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