Lessons of Corn

 In Shaman & Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony with Vilma

Arin, Peru 2017

“In everything you do ask for permission for protection, guidance and intention” ~ Vilma

When you want to grow corn you must select the best seeds to cultivate.  In this way you can continue to select and grow only the best corn.

The corn represents our beliefs, our feelings and our thoughts.  We must select the best parts of ourselves to cultivate.

The corn also represents who we surround ourselves with.  We should choose the best people to be surrounded by.

Use of Corn

  • Stalk – chew for H2O
  • Leaves – food for livestock
  • Cobb – dried as firewood in rainy season
  • Silk – dry, boil and consume to heal kidneys and liver
  • Husk – cook tamales
  • Maize (Seed) – dried corn, used as a diet to help diabetes and cholesterol
  • Choco – fresh corn, feed family


Rainbow bridge connects us to ancestors

Yellow – Abundance

Dried Fruit – brings right people into your life

Flowers – flowering of good actions

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