Why Yoga Teacher Training’s are great for Gap Year students.

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Gap Year Yoga programs are a wonderful opportunity for Gap Year Students to accomplish many of the intentions that come with taking time to grow as an individual and build experience.  International yoga programs offer these students a chance to travel, explore and become part of a community of like-minded individuals from around the world.  The 200hr Yoga Teacher program gives students a chance to learn the many practices of yoga which they will keep with them for a life-time.  The Yoga Teacher Training is designed for the personal growth of the individual.


Experiencing and learning from the differences that are found in cultures around the world broadens ones understanding of the world around them.  The ability to look outside of the way we are used to doing things and seeing how others live helps the evolution of our consciousness.  Our trainings are held in carefully selected locations so we can use the energy of each location to help guide the transformation that occurs during the course.

Gap Year Program in Bali

Bali offers a glimpse into the past.  A unique culture that is part Hindu mixed with the ancient Animistic/Shamanic culture indigenous to the surrounding islands.   Balinese culture is infused into everything and as soon as you walk out of the airport you will be greeted by the smells of incense, flowers and offerings.  The architecture bears the influence of the culture, even in the airport.  Intricately carved wooden or stone doorways give many home and business entrances a surreal look. Gigantic white statues artfully cheer-up major traffic circles.  And if you are caught in traffic there is a good chance that a large ceremony is taking place with throngs of people parading the streets.

Bali is a paradise island with miles of beaches, volcanic mountains, countless waterfalls and an abundance of fresh fruit and produce.


Gap Year Program in Guatemala

Guatemala is a stunning country both visually and culturally.  With a mountain chain of picturesque Volcanoes, many lakes, rivers (Click Semuc Champey right now!), and long black sand beaches it is no wonder the Mayan built one of their greatest cities Tikal on this land.

Lake Atitlan is a special energetic lake that is framed by 7 volcanic peaks.  This spectacular lake hosts 8 – 10 lakeside villages, each with their own unique expression of the local culture.  Lake Atitlan is known as the Land of Eternal Spring because the weather from December – April is amazing.


Gap Year Program in Costa Rica


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