Alumni Blog: Elizabeth Barry

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In this Alumni Blog, Sacred Paths Yoga Graduate Elizabeth Barry of The Kind Communicator, opens up about her near death experience and passing of her partner in a tragic accident.



“I am proud to say that I have been recently certified in yoga by Sacred Paths Yoga. The certification came in November on the day I graduated from class- just 11 months after I was run over (hit and run) by a double engine speed boat weighing approximately 94,000 lbs going roughly 60 mph. The hull ran my skull open and I suffered a great deal from the entire experience. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- I was challenged throughout 2020 and while many complained of the pandemic, I chose to find gratitude for my breath and my place on this earth as I grieved for my partner who flew to heaven.”  Click Here to Continue Reading the Full Blog 

~ Elizabeth Barry, Author & Leadership Coach


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