Awakening the Heart with Cacao

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Many of us have experienced the joy and bliss that accompanies chocolate consumption. Most of us enjoy the blissful flavors of chocolate and it can lift our mood if we are feeling down. We often give chocolate to others on special occasions, holidays and birthdays. However, most of the chocolate available today may contain little to no Cacao. While chocolate does taste delicious and elevates the mood, 100% Raw Cacao contains a potent Heart Awakening power. 

How does Cacao Heal?

A superfood containing a complex mix of vitamins and aminos, Cacao helps to facilitate powerful transformation by accessing the energy of the heart center and deepening one’s connection to Spirit. Cacao is a facilitator that brings you to the Doors of Perception, allowing you to work with your shadows (hidden traumas) or to step into your own power and gifts. This special plant medicine is a gentle teacher that facilitates spiritual purification, connection and expansion!

Origin of Cacao

Cacao has been used for centuries by the indigenous cultures of Central and South America.  The Olmec (1600 BCE) used Cacao for ceremony and as medicine.  The modern day Mayan (2000 BCE) tell us that Cacao was a gift from a deity and that the Spirit of Cacao is conjured up when drinking Cacao in Ceremony. The Mayan use Cacao for Ceremony, medicine and personal consumption. The Aztec (1300-1521 CE) later increased the use of Cacao and began to incorporate Cacao into the diet of the population. Cacao could not be grown easily in the regions of the Aztec cities so the areas of Aztec conquest that could grow Cacao supplied the increasing demand for Cacao.  Cacao soon became used as a form of currency and trade. When the Spanish first conquered the great civilization of the Aztec, they understood that Cacao had an innate power and it was brought back as gifts for European royalty. The conquerors were quick to suppress the practices of the indigenous people and much of the knowledge was lost on Aztec indigenous ceremonial uses of cacao. 

Todays Cacao 

With the growth and popularity of Coc-OA (an alkalized by-product of Cac-AO) used in chocolate bars, the fast growing, large bean producing strains were selected.  Over time, Cacao was bred down and now less than 1% of the world’s Cacao is the strain we call Criollo.  The remaining Cacao being Forrestero and Trinitario strains. 

Cacao is thought to have originated in the Amazon jungle of current day Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.  We source our high content Criollo Cacao from the highlands of Guatemala.  The Criollo strain is unique to Guatemala and contains the highest concentration of Anandamide (Bliss Chemical) and Theobromine (God-Food-Alkaloid), two of the psycho-active components that give Cacao its power “scientifically.”  


Spirit of Cacao

However, the Spirit and energy of Cacao are what make the plant a powerful healing medicine. Cacao is regarded as more than just a superfood food by many of the Indigenous groups throughout Meso and South America. Cacao is a “Gift from the Gods” that was given to humanity. The scientific name of Cacao in Latin is Theobroma Cacao. Theobroma translates to “Food of the Gods”, a nod from the scientists to the origin of Cacao.

Working with Cacao

Cacao is used ceremonially to give gratitude, ask for abundance, cultivate Spiritual connection and for the healing of the mind and emotions. We have found this medicine to be an important ally in remembering the wisdom of the heart. Cacao guides us gently on the greatest journey of all: from the mind to the heart. It is there that we may awaken to our highest potential. 

You can create your own ritual with cacao at home! You may sing, chant mantra or repeat affirmations as you prepare it, set intention, drink and follow your heart’s guidance.


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May your heart lead the way in all of your thoughts, words and actions! 
May the sweetness of this medicine remind you of the sweetness of life!

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