What is an Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher Training?

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We use the four elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air as our guides for transformation and growth throughout our yoga teacher training programs. Each element offers different ways to relate to and connect to our practice and the world around us, and offers new insights and tools to deepen our understanding of yoga and ultimately the Self.  Lessons, insights, ceremony and healing are presented within the exploration of each element. Relating to the natural world invites the opportunity to go deeper into our journey of learning and revealing to find alignment with body, mind and spirit. This is the same way in which the Rishi’s (the ancient sages who revealed Yoga) used the natural world to come into balance with the Self.

Connecting with the Elements in Bali

By tapping into this potent Earth Medicine, we are able to access all the qualities of Nature that are in operation within our life experience. Earth, Water, Fire and Air are building blocks of our physical form and everything in existence. In our Earth Medicine philosophy:

Earth grounds and sets the foundation for our practice.

Water flows and purifies, 

Fire energizes and ignites our passions, 

Air lightens and opens the heart 

Ether expands as we soar into our continued journey along this path. 


Connecting with the Elements in Guatemala

In our Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher Trainings’ we use Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Self Inquiry and Ceremony to bring our whole system into balance using the qualities of each element.

  • The Earth Element (Prithvi) in the body refers to our connection with the earth, the place that nurtures and supports us on our journey. As we bring our awareness to this element,  we focus on grounding, building a strong foundation for our practice and connecting with the land around us. With this element, we cultivate safety and security in our bodies, in our practice and through community which supports our spiritual journey.


  • The Water Element (Apah, Jala) in the body refers to the water that flows through our being and circulates our energy. As we bring awareness to this element, we focus on opening to the flow of life and purifying our mind, body and spirit. With this element, we find fluidity and healing on and off the mat. 


  • The Fire Element (Agni) in the body refers to the internal warmth and heat that is generated physically and which provides the energy and drive to persevere. As we bring awareness to this element, we focus on igniting our passions, expressing our truth and revealing the light within. With this element, we transmute and transform energy that is no longer serving us and allow our inner light to illuminate our path.


  • The Air Element (Vayu) in the body refers to the breath and creating spaciousness in the body, especially around the heart. As we bring awareness to this element, we focus on lightning and opening the heart.  Breath (Air) is what circulates vital Prana (Life Force energy) throughout our body. With this element, we lighten our spirits and walk the path of beauty with the heart leading the way.


  • The Ether Element (Akasha) in the body refers to our spiritual and expansive nature, our consciousness. As we complete our yoga teacher training journey, we bring awareness to this element and commit to living our practice off the mat. In everything we do, we remain connected to spirit and conscious of our true Self. This becomes a lifelong practice of growth and expansion on the yogic path. 


Connecting with the Elements in Costa Rica


Observing the natural world around us provides the remembrance that we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. We simply need to tune and listen to deepen our connection with ourselves and with all that is. Our Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher trainings provide the opportunity to receive the Earth’s wisdom and in turn remember our own innate wisdom. Discover nature to discover your Self.


Peru Yoga Retreat practice

Connecting with the Elements in Peru



“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe,

to match your nature with Nature.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

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