Connect with Nature: Recharge and Remember

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As warmer temperatures and sunshine continue to beckon us outdoors, we welcome the opportunity to spend more time connecting with the natural world as well as ourSelves. Spending time in nature is a balm for the soul, recharges the spirit and provides us with the remembrance of our own innate divine connection. We find deep nourishment by connecting with the natural world around us. Whether it is a dip in the ocean or a hike up a mountain, the natural world invites us to remember our true nature. Here are 4 ways to connect:


Earth Element

We love walking barefoot in the sand or earth to invoke feelings of calm, groundedness and clarity. As you walk, practice walking in ‘Ayni’ (Quechua), or sacred reciprocity, a balance of giving and receiving. Leave offerings of gratitude for Mother Earth and all that she provides in nourishment, support and strength. These offerings could take the form of prayers, mantras or flowers.


Water Element

We find deep energetic and emotional cleansing with the element of water. A river, lake, ocean or any sacred water source you may have nearby can offer an opportunity to clear the mind, cleanse the emotional body and to re-energize. Find your nearest life-giving source, jump in and feel your whole being reset!


Fire Element

This is the time of year for sitting around a campfire just as our ancestors have done before us. The element of fire provides deep rooted ancestral wisdom that we can tap into simply by observing its flames. The element of fire holds properties of transformation and has the power to burn away what is no longer serving us. Write down something you are ready to let go of and offer it to this powerful element.


Air Element

This is the perfect time of year to bring your practice outside! Whether that is asana, meditation, chanting or breathwork, practicing in the fresh air fosters a deeper communion with the natural world and with your Self. There is so much beauty to witness when we open our hearts to receive it. Get outside and allow your practice to be inspired!


Our programs are offered at powerful energy centers around the world including Costa Rica, Bali, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico and offer the perfect opportunity to tune in and reconnect. But we needn’t go far to tap into this energy, we can access it by simply bringing ourselves outside and tuning in.

What places in nature are sacred to you? How might you cultivate more daily rituals that allow you to maintain your connection? 

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