Chakra Awakening Course

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Sept 23 – Nov 11, 2020


This is a step-by-step 7 Week GO AT YOUR OWN PACE deep-dive experience like no other.

We get into some serious detail, giving you knowledge and tools you’ll use for years to come. Each week is intelligently designed and themed starting from the root chakra and traveling up to the crown Chakra. All videos are recorded including Q&A.

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Whether you are a beginner or a holistic practitioner working with clients, this program gives you the skills and strategies to help yourself and the people you care about with the power and knowledge of The Chakra system.

  • Weekly Live Classes (Wed @ 9 am PST)
  • Weekly Chakra Themed Yoga Classes (1 hr)
  • Weekly Chakra Meditation (15 min)
  • Weekly Chakra Chanting (15 min)
  • Weekly Chakra Activity (30 min)
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • 1-on-1 Checkins with Hana

For each chakra we explore the location, gland, plexus, sense, element, Yantra (Chakra symbol), Bija Mantra (Chakra sound), and purpose within the physical body and how it relates to our overall health, common imbalances and obstacles within the energy center, chakra trauma, excessive and deficient characteristics, how to know if the chakra is healthy or unhealthy, as well as deities that govern each Chakra, the Koshas, Gunas, 8 fold path, planets, esoteric day of the week, Mandala, Christian Sacraments related to the Chakras, the Kabbalah related to the Chakras, and the Archetype of each Chakra.


$555  |  Tuition

$225 |  Early Bird Register by Aug 31, 2020

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