Mendoza Cacao 1 lb


One Pound of Organic Criollo Ceremonial Cacao produced by small farms in the highlands of Guatemala.  This Cacao is processed by the local healers Mendoza in San Marcos Atitlán Guatemala.  Scroll down for more info.

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One Pound of Organic Criollo Mendoza Ceremonial Cacao produced by small farms in the highlands of Guatemala.  This Cacao is processed by local healers Izias and Isabella Mendoza of San Marcos La Laguna.   (Mendoza Cacao is sourced the same as Keiths Cacao)


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Ceremonial Cacao has been used for centuries by the indigenous cultures of Central and South America.  When the Spanish first conquered the great civilization of the Maya they understood that Cacao had an innate power and it was brought as gifts to the King and Queen of Europe.  Little was known about the use of Ceremonial Cacao by the Indigenous as the conquerors were quick to suppress the practices of the indigenous people.

Centuries later, with the growth and popularity of Coc-OA (an alkalized by-product of Cac-AO) used in chocolate bars, the quicker growing, large bean producing strains (Forrestero & Trinitario) were selected for mass production.   Over time, Cacao was bred down and now less than 1% of the worlds Cacao is the strain we call Criollo.  The concept of Ceremonial Cacao was all but lost to antiquity, until a recent resurgence led by the Cacao Shaman “Keith.” Keith Cacao.

Cacao originates in the Amazon jungle of current day Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.  We source our High Content Criollo Cereominal Cacao from the highlands of Guatemala.  Generations after being first introduced to Guatemala, the small bean Criollo developed.  Criollo is unique in that it has the highest concentration of Anandamide and Theobromine, two of the many psycho-active ingredients that give Ceremonial Cacao it’s power “scientifically.”  The energy and the Spirit of Cacao are what make the plant a powerful healing medicine.  

While many farms around the world claim to produce “Criollo” Cacao, to produce 100% Criollo is almost impossible.  Each Cacao Pod can produce Cacao Beans of varying percentages of Forrestero, Trinitario and Criollo.  We have found that only the Cacao that is grown deep in the highlands of Guatemala contains a high enough percentage of Criollo Cacao to be potent enough to work with the ancient energy of  Ceremonial Cacao.


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