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“From an early age, I was taught that my life didn’t mean anything. My own mother tried to kill me. I’ve been in and out of foster care and then prison my whole life and I’m in my forties now. I had heard about meditation but just couldn’t motivate myself to really get into it because I guess I didn’t feel I was worth enough to even try and better myself. Then a friend of mine got me to come to Tim’s meditation class. I couldn’t believe the love I felt from this stranger. Tim made me feel like I was important and worthy of love. I think I suck at meditation, but at least now I feel like I’m worth fighting for. So, I try to meditate so that I can be a better man and maybe share some of the love that’s been shown me. Who knows? Maybe I can help someone learn to love themselves too.”

                                                                                                          -Lorenzo, One Love Prison Meditation Participant

 Why Offer Meditation in Prison?

This is why One Love Prison Meditation Project exists.  Our mission is revolutionizing care for people inside the mass incarceration system,  We are not messing around.  We are experiencing the highest.  Prison is soul crushing.  The lack of humanity and care is unimaginable.  That is why we go inside to sit face to face and heart to heart.  We meditate, we share wisdom and support.  We create community.  We experience our inner greatness.

 About One Love Prison Meditation Project

My name is Tim Bryant and I am the founder of One Love Prison Meditation Project.  We are a nonprofit bringing weekly meditation classes to our incarcerated community in Florida and Georgia and around the country.  Actions you can take right now to support our incarcerated community.

How can you get involved?

  1. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION to the One Love Prison Meditation Project
  2. Contact at to get involved
  3. Follow us on social media  INSTAGRAM   FACEBOOK
  4. Share our work with your friends, social media following, groups.  Help us spread the word and the work!

“One Love Prison Meditation Project is the most beneficial activity I have participated in while being incarcerated.  The power of meditating in a group collective is incredible and through that I have reached levels of meditation that I did not think were possible for me.  After group meditation I leave with a sense of peace and fulfillment I have never before experienced.”

-Brian, One Love Prison Meditation Participant

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