Viparita Karani ~ Legs Up The Wall

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Viparita Karani aka “Legs Up The Wall” is great pose for reinvigorating tired legs and feet. Like many inversions, it also has a calming effect on the nervous system, by giving the heart a rest. Viparita Karani also helps to promote healthy circulation.

How to Practice Viparita Karani

Place a bolster on its flat side several inches from a wall.

Sit on the floor facing the wall, with one hip against one bolster end.

Lower your shoulders and head to the floor, lying on your side.

Then roll onto your back and up onto the bolster, eventually stretching your legs up the wall. Adjust your position by scooting your tailbone toward the wall until it drops over the edge of the bolster.

Place a small roll (like a rolled-up towel) under your neck if extra support is needed. Sandbags can be placed over the eyes and in the palms.

Find a comfortable position for your arms, making sure they aren’t touching anything but the floor. Settle into the pose and breathe.

Hold this pose for at least 10 minutes.

To come out, bend your knees, push yourself off the bolster, and roll to your right side before pushing back up to sit.

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